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if you want to start with Who Is this man.”Was born in 1981 in Yalova. Akdeniz University School of tourism and hotel management,“half-left, languages and history-geography faculty Theatre department“is finished. During his student years one day, interviews for the newspaper, wrote, wrote 2 reviews for radical Theatre, Animal Magazine’s Ankara correspondent.” Can you briefly talk about that itself.


every contact leaves a trace(2006)

Red Crescent Sakarya Caddesi, Social Security Office Building, language-History, Atakule, student houses. and safety. Homicide. Behzat Ç., been able to create the new alignment, lambur lumbur, gear a Superintendent. Listen to music, listen to the police scanner. Read the book, starts from the sports page in the newspaper. I do not have any political opinion. Like third page news reflected in one of us, not even the name. 1. The ball is a good shot stopper amateurs, while others started to kick and topculug. For example, the man stabbed through the heart for five pounds, thirteen year old girls and raping are knocking at the closest relatives to honor. It’s okay in terms of their fairness, it seems obvious who it is sinister. But I wonder? Behzat ç.’Yi and his sense of Justice, sometimes in life it can be too disturbing. Traces of horse tracks in it involving a murder. Why would anyone kill this girl? And why this way? Politics got involved? Weird. The world of the student, to other worlds, but the police into the realm of the rearview ancestors, a fertile plot thriller.


The’behzat ç., The Superintendent of police at the homicide Bureau,crimes against life expert,such as the ink spots and sloppy snow looked at the growing blood saw him again. He closed his eyes.’

behzat ç., he’s still around! But he barely talks to me. Says she won’t say a word. With hand signals, with the face with your silence tells he would tell – and of course traditions. Behzat Ç. a bad team and Renault Toros“la Sakarya Caddesi“Ayas“is tearing up, Ankara“s.

not just homicides, the municipality of Ankara unit brings the manifold upside down“s. Each excavation location: construction junction, it was wires, pipes, repairs.

not only those, but. Yourself ‘lucky Luke’ calls a man who looks dig pits. Obviously, there is an issue with the police.

behzat ç. and the team, the Bureau of morality“to be granted to them and still not given even a Megane“in dreaming, with Renault and red Ankara Fink threw bad kit“is looking for.

EARLY the losers (2009)

we are familiar with emrah Ankara explaining the genre and, this time, much of our literature is another issue at hand to the wheel breaks and unprocessed. Boys are energetic, sad, world we are entering a tricky.
dad works, mom, housewife, the bastion of conservatism.Workers, the poor, aunts, brothers. Tough guys cry easily. Provincial rarity of the neighborhood crowd. Jealous, proud, naive adolescents. Emrah Tolerated, quick-tempered, easy to give up, tempted to boys talks. Sad, touching people, they’re funny stories.

‘I changed the directory of the directory, handan for the Mother of the beating of a butterfly’s wings if it’s for me it’s been a whirlwind. How many years have passed, and still I won’t forget, comes to my mind at least five times per day. The origin of this situation is I know m*m* * * extends until the day I am disconnected from psychological reasons. But the thing that makes a woman memorable, once directly proportional to the severity of the desire felt for him, isn’t it? That desire on the coast, next to the full realization of the possibility of, like, able to be comfortable as there is no other obstacle in between, caught up in the illusion of self is not able to get the right proportion of sweet? I had an unhappy childhood, I am also held responsible for this phenomenon? The answer? No! That way you’ll.’
in the country and in the universe, is the story of a lonely boy.

the early losers. A depraved generation manifesto.


‘don’t tell my mother, that I love Him you’re thinking of her for being under the influence.’

‘okay Prevailed.’

‘I can’t sleep for a night-light in the dark don’t leave me scare the shit of weed she imagines.’

‘okay Prevailed.’

‘for the first time that I am in love don’t tell me inexperienced in these matters, one imagines.’

‘okay Prevailed.’

‘last year, forget to pull the parking brake and the Eagle,“then we don’t rolling shit Creek. You’re thinking I’m someone who doesn’t know the value of the goods.’

‘okay Prevailed.’

‘tell my father you son of a bitch. I want to tell him personally.’

‘okay Prevailed.’

were the first customers of the night, early bird coffee, soup who wakes up in the young men. Looking for a windmill stuffed face sometimes the most pointless it’s like to live and sometimes it’s a souvenir. They’re not dead yet, and met his death written in those stories. Swear plowed in the barrel. An immature child. Who paw cars, yutkuna yutkuna listened to the songs and life issues. Celebrated defeats, ‘a mud-brick skyscraper of life, dear brother, we live in the wrong bracket. Let me talk to him, let me say two words face to face we’re looking.’

Ellis is tolerated, life itself is additive to the street with the sound of a waterfall from the smoke of the underworld, she tells us. Fell down a well in an endless rage doesn’t appeal to adolescent boys.

Ellis explaining and“piece by piece, piece by piece, memories, stories shattered.


if left alone, the governments of the world are against me and all those who voted for them, even if all the governments of the world rose up against those who are against me and those who support them, even if the whole world is against me, albeit in seven billion individual human flaw.

seventeen-year-old Ages Thoroughly speaks. Crocus sister“, her famous don’t hope the mayor, his uncle, friend, Germ Genghis“, the provincial conversation on the brink of a depression mother, ex-girlfriend, she can’t never forget her grandfather, worried that remembers when his father tells.

, The debilitated, and the stump begins to chant from a small town, Istanbul“stretches. All of our memories of our childhood on our streets last danger appetite and zoning sungur a damn about money! The world hypocrite, Godless capital, seagulls, a small girl who broke his heart rebel. Behind the Barricades, out of breath, all alone, freaking out on a losing deliduma’s anger early.

explaining and Ellis, the spirit of the time, the ones that stand in place of the trip oksurenl the rebels for their freedom, those who disbelieve depicts the cry of people who bother to forget with his fist. Of those on the margins of the novel, and it’s always a great time.

short quotations from the books I gave him. The reason for this is the prep bencei Emrah freely in the lives of as many people in my life to consider how it can be.

the ‘ 90s, one of the witnesses of childhood and youth life that has taken its fair share like the rest of us when you read a person, sometimes you can find yourself, a friend, and sometimes you can read as you listen.

Emrah is tolerated why? This corrupt scheme was able to reveal his position by talking with the characters.

“Jesus. I accepted Islam when Abu Bakr, he was rich, he distributed all his goods, he left a penny in the. Hz. Omar Mecca“was one of the ten important men, the ambassador, and they would send her when she’s meeting with other cities, a position that now corresponds to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He left this position, had emigrated. The first Muslims of their property they left all their property, their relatives and the relatives they left, they left everything Medina“migrated to. They came to Aaron now became the king of the world. Gemicik had the boats became the owner. Stop giving away candy bars from the trunk of the car it doesn’t work. The strongest words in the Qur’an to maintain the status quo, working for the clergy spoken words. Who are the keepers of the status quo, Abu jahl, Abu sufyan. Who are the keepers of the status quo in Turkey today! Hz. Would liberate the slaves of Abu, who is now the ones who make the laws of slavery. If they can even compare the capabilities of a piece of case to sleep a bit escapes. The AKP’s“job is one aspect of criticize from the left. But first I need to compare our Ministers with the Muslims. 15 million people voted to AKP. A piece escapes the persecution that Muslim man’s sleep.”

Again let his word we end CEM. Thank you for you read and to read to them .


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