Reasons For Men Wanting Sex

hormones, sleep deprivation, performance pressure, fights, or a desire to have children. There are many things that reduce male sexual urges.

men always. you think this has nothing to do with sex? No, the libido of men also have physical problems, emotional entanglements, and is prone to profound changes. She didn’t want the reasons men have sex:

sleep deprivation

for sex when the opportunity arises about the age of puberty in their twenties or he forgets that a man needs to sleep. Years later, the man prefer to sleep instead of wild sex. Insomnia especially.

medications such as antidepressants side effects:

selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, for example, high blood pressure (beta-blockers), sex drive as well as sedative drugs can reduce the nations, they have the same effect on reducing the sex drive


The Man’s libido at the beginning of the most important hormone testosterone. Complaints arising from deficiency of this hormone, decrease in libido, depression, and osteoporosis. One out of ten men that looks. After than 40, multiply this ratio.

personality problems

The men in the community, instead of insecure about your own work or family when the desire for sex may be significantly reduced. The sample is removed from work or lost someone close in the men who take off when personality problems.

performance pressure

The Men he wants to prove himself most of the time. Relaxation sex for them it’s not sudden, they feel they have pressure on them to be successful. This decreases the feeling of pressure because of the desire to have sex. He thought he would feel some pressure from erection problems men may or early discharge. This will prevent his sex request.

The child request

if you request the kid, the sexual relationship is different. Sex begins to take on a different meaning. If it does not succeed in getting pregnant, begins to become a necessity to have sex. When pregnancy may play a role in reducing the sexual urge. Sometimes a miscarriage may cause harm or they are afraid that fists men penis womb.


extramarital relationship can be:

get your partner’s attention, they don’t own anymore, or P*rno is directed to sex and the internet.

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hurt your partner.


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