Relatives of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and needs to be

Hi guys,

with Alzheimer’s disease is a very common disease Today.You don’t need to talk at length about this disease.I think everyone has enough knowledge.

Alzheimer’s ,according to experts

the brain that control thought, memory and language portions of affects. Destruction is usually slow and insidious onset of the disease. Today, the cause of the disease is unknown, and it is not a cure.In the form of outlines.

Well, the ones I caught Alzheimer’s disease in the family what to do?

1. Known as with Alzheimer’s GSP bracelet bracelets. With this bracelet you can easily find your place even if.

2. Do not leave the key behind the door pull out the door just in case.At all times keep a key outside the door.Definitely keep a spare key in a place where it can’t get on the patient.

3. To go out alone in the street, do not allow you to travel to do shopping.If you have the opportunity to take specially trained Alzheimer’s dogs can perform any activity out there thanks to this dog.

4. Make your imprint. Tag on Name, Last name, would you Write a phone number to call when you should ulasilabil was found.

In short these measures to be taken.

if you see someone like that on the street surely help.

Remember, one day we fall into this situation.

stay with love.


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