Removal of computer viruses and computer viruses

Trouble important information about computer viruses

In this modern era, regardless of the age of a computer user needs antivirus software, it’s an inevitable truth. How we are protected from these viruses? Do you necessarily need a program? Should we pay that much for years? I’ll keep you informed here.

first, viruses,
1. Program Viruses
2. Viruses Integrated Into The Site

as it is necessary to divide. (very rude)

1. Program Viruses

there are two kinds of this type of viruses. First, are the ones who are directly in the program. These files are the entries of D’to be under 1 MB in size just because the virus code contain. Under 1 MB in size when you download a program, I suggest you scan if the icon is unusual.

The remaining % part program we will establish Setup.exe can be integrated into the file. The size of it is very variable. 4 MB of a file, I’ll give you an address where it will be on 20 taratila by a virus program.

Virus scan
If you have a virus program on your computer before running the program go at this address you can scan.

2. Viruses Integrated into the site

unfortunately, without my knowledge, it is impossible to stop unscheduled descending integrated into the code when opening the site that are viruses. These straight goes on the attack. And for that, you malwarebytes anti-malware program I would recommend. If you are using avast Internet Security license file avast free antivirus also if I’ll give. You can use them both together, as an obstacle I’ve ever seen.
Avast license file

if avast is installed on your computer, double clicking on this file automatically avast pop-up that updates itself and you will be prompted to restart the computer.

malwarebytes anti-malware setup
this program after installing, please right click on the program icon and from there open the program.
there will be an option to get a license or REGISTER enter
The ID or name where it says
someone from 3gp37
Language where it says no licence or
1zt29 for ec86-tmat-q95p-l5wa
3gp37 for 94ta-TX-778x-p3vr type. In the full version will be.
good and Virus-Free day.:)


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