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A 7-month pehh’s mom is no more to know what write up you can say so. But something necessarily to be able to write for other in sharing whether I think you may have seen live here indeed. Anyway, now I’m going to talk you a little mother’s Dictionary.

what a dictionary is called Mother, in fact, even if a mom when you hear different meanings from the dictionary meaning, mostly meaning to mention changing part of a series. We begin.


with the baby on your lap, put the baby to sleep while trying to Pilates on the ball you are trying to drink in slow motion, in fact, is a derivative of a hot beverage. Usually when it is smoked, the heat is likely to be missed out.

the speed of light

mothers who are late to pick up your child from school is a unit for measuring the rate of measurement. Knows exactly how to live without it since.


The Kid in another room, call his mother ask her to do something. Usually something has happened with the idea that the speed of light are also available here.

Anneeeaae, Bittiiiiiii!!

the Mother of the boy who just went to the bathroom and cry.

we’ll see!

generally, it is said to get rid of the boy at that moment, but later on the word Ramadan, which will mean no matter what you do.

the Festive

two of every holiday care received, spilled onto chocolate, fruit juice and variants engulfing expensive clothes carefully.

(NOTE: in the meantime, do not tell everybody but I fell in love with the glasses in the image. Anyway, stay on track, Sir.)


even though your mother 48 years old, the youngest child is given to another.


The boy used to get something done, usually ending in disappointment when trying to make a logical explanation for the word to start a sentence.


surprisingly, the children of all mothers


children of the canvas that you can easily find in every room.


from the fall of the child, disease, fidgeting until the reason for everything that happened.


letting your teenage kid will tell you is something that more than hours late.


useful tools for hair paste


the grandmother of the children-grandma-grandpa received after meeting with people of status.


the Mother of the little boy trying to get him to eat while he’s doing an imitation.


“I have finished my homework, mommy.” “Can you give mommy a plateful of spinach?” “The girl I’ll make you take a shower in peace honey” “the child you come you’re looking very beautiful mashallah.”

if you get this madem for today. Uyecan take care of yourself. Your mother know your value, if possible 😀

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