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Hello, folks. After a long break, we will continue to review the computer brands. I had to write because I don’t have a computer from the phone. Anyway let’s cut to the chase.

nice and all, but: Packard Bell

Yes, nice computers. I force to say that offer much performance. Why you ask from the data, rather than computers that are important to the image. Quality computers do you have? Of course. The money you give to him, but it’s better to buy a computer to go with Lenovo z-series.

holding a great quality product: Samsung

at the same time producing not just a mobile phone Samsung, computers, Business Machines, television that is produced by did you know? Anyway. My suggestion to you is if you are going to buy computer Samsung NX series. Minimum 8 GB RAM and 1 GB NVIDIA graphics card Samsung computers will do the trick. Don’t say I never take it, especially as bulky old models running the i3 processor will work. I loved the Samsung NX series computers. From fixing computers outside of work I use it for me and that I don’t like dez had the advantage of much cumbersome.

why so cheap yaa: Casper

Casper computer computers unfortunately my most hated brand. If you ask me why, and I opened it and looked in. You don’t have much equipment on behalf of performance. Hold the fan from the system, the Processor the received data to a terrible arrangement is made. So much advertising I’m done. Because casper is not really that good a brand. Especially stay away from Celeron processors. Quality computers of course there is, but you can’t play a game or something. Especially games like Far Cry 3, officially takes the form of the grind.

the most hated Mechanic:Dell

why do you say bad because there is a system BIOS. Tormented for being different’s format adjustments scavenging. I’ve heard that Dell’s technical service is very high quality. If you’re going to get you a quality product, this will definitely do the trick. As a third generation i5 I’d say don’t give up on the system requirement. 6-8 gm of RAM will do the trick. I could play some of the game in the computer, but unfortunately some people have warmed a lot of computer.

journalists of the computer: Sony

when I say media, the movie The sound of the audience that is engaged in the business of computer users for daily use is a trademark of Sony. Getting a system is usually sound great. Especially the vaio series. I liked it a lot and probably tomorrow I’ll have a brand computer itself. Gotta cameras, audio devices, get a brand that I already love. I love the Sony brand, I’ll be happy to help you if you suggest me the model separately.

the last word: no matter what brand name computer you will get 8 GB RAM and 1 GB video card never stray from the event. These two hardware Two hardware which allows you to receive data from the computer. The i5 would be a good choice as the main card. Of course, I can make adjustments according to the budget, dear readers.

if you have another brand that you wonder if, in fact, from the bottom of your comments. I’m thinking of writing one final post. I hope I’ve been useful. Problem and learn. Hope to see you 🙂


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