Sadri Familiar

Good night unto you all.

turn in the dark moments of my time in a Turkish film. Especially sadri familiar, the film passes through idols like ediz hun. Because time is too precious to have been well spent. The same effect on you and you really touched me tonight, I’m going to share a few scenes I thought I would leave too.

falls in love with mujgan sadri familiar. Night cries begins to tell in the pub.

then, one day, end up in the heart of the case yourself. He’s been driving the minibus. At the request of an acquaintance and his daughter gets entrusted into the Van.Can we listen to his language?

one day I’m going goodbye song. Okay, so?

the loneliness every time I say I have learned from you, master. Hail to loneliness that makes man valuable.

Fatos, my life. Of my eyes the radiant stone.

don’t worry my brother uleayn! He doesn’t seem to my brother. Tanimamazlik sprout comes from my sister.


if James Bond dies, the book ends. Keep it in mind.

“Friends , I have no place to go with friends.She despises people not having money.Me from you what’s the difference? You have no money on you , I have mine . We’re both slobs. What punk ? Loose , impulsive , which makes it means that does not connect to anyone who goes where it wants. We’re just punks. Excuse me. now I am not a bum.Because I’m attached to someone.Around the same and I don’t. I can’t sing. Ahh ! bosaltami wallets. Held my hand so my hand doesn’t work. You can Bang, or your aunt would be.Why ? Why ? Always to the blonde girl.Stop yawning and look at look at these houses.The insides are comfortable, warm.Everyone in the wave, but it’s not for me.My friend water the sidewalks, were friends of the orphans. Sidewalks me this moments friends!” “It’s quarter to be the guy to say hello to the stray dogs it means.”

oh, life, it means waiting for death. More or less all the sea, the stars, the trees they felt like we can see here, we’ll have many things to taste, then inevitably the ‘I’m leaving, goodbye’ song we would sing. Then you are willing to go and rest.

the death of tells. It tells is not one of us who don’t understand that.

came to my mind that night. Izleyiverdim a movie. What movie? Behold, laugh, love, cry and made you cry. Sadri familiar movie. May He rest in peace.

I thank you for reading.


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