Hi, everyone.

a sudden in the last 2 years that is gaining popularity and has entered the agenda of the “Selfie” so, we called it as “ozcek I” that we call this movement seems to fit everyone in. Interestingly, not only in our country, not China, USA, Malaysia, Ukraine from the stream that splashed all over the world by now I’m cooling down, honestly I don’t know, do you think you’ll like me?

now this kind of nuts trying to get to the people who are addictive to shoot everywhere, and even more are being added every day. To politicians, athletes, academics.

even Obama never should we think that it would end like this? 🙂 These kind of ahead of the top lip, stick to the different shapes of the head when you say don’t hesitate reaching out when I saw it, do I curse this kind of thing A “L*N son cekinsene master like guy” I’m tempted to call.

anyway, let’s say you had become so bad that today I want to talk about the real stuff not enough to get the image manually with the foot, yeah, You didn read it wrong the image started to be taken with the foot 🙂 that’s crazy.

A travesty, isn’t it? I think it is.

with this photo, I bid you adieu Thank you for reading.

‘respect for labour’


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