Separation of children.

dealing with them from the first moment of children’s lives, people who allow them to exist and to survive I’m talking about.Yes, I mean, from mom and dad.

the people they trust the most and they connect parents of children
can’t think of a life without them.
but today, experienced a lot, breakups and divorces, unfortunately, the day came and now in this day and age, almost everyone knocks on the door.
3 leaves, 5 one child one child are getting divorced.

In this case children, unfortunately, live in great shock and pain that this event is for them it’s a terrible disaster.
deeply shaken the confidence of even the children, because acute stress disorders even live.

well guys, why are you so affected?

because children love, trust, honor and be faithful to learn from their parents. Together forever a loving and caring environment created by mom and dad and they believed that would be broken. the
most of the children after divorce of the parents breaks down when one goes home secure areas. a
After mom and dad left because they know they won’t go together no longer concerns about the future of children. Very traumatic event for children of separation and development of an impressive

in the divorce Decree how it should be reported to the children?

some parents thought that children wouldn’t understand and without having to notify them of this decision. a
in a sad way, Sometimes a parent who wants to leave the house, she disappears, and leaves this decision to the other description. Situations like this confuses the child, and give a false sense of separation will come up with illogical reasons.
he feels rejected Himself, so he right in a calm manner without blaming each other divorced parents to the children of this state and report it in the comments.
it is outside their decision of their children, and they even break up again looking at them the way they work, they like that.definitely you wouldn’t leave to convince your kids it is very important.

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