Sephora is a boiling summer with a series of Flo…

Sephora colorful, vivacious and fun ‘Sephora Flo’ series with the the summer months continues to mark. A handful, energetic and headlights with fluorescent colours, hands and feet for nail patch, makeup bags, accessories, and manicure-pedicure sets, steals everyone’s heart. Fluorescent pink, yellow, purple, red and blue eyeshadow and nail Polish in colors such as ambitious, tan shine brightly in her, attracts all the attention. Colorful makeup bags and accessories, patterns the beauty of the style of energy and fun with people it brings you back to youth. In the series of handy and colorful manicure-pedicure kits, hand and foot care, make fun and practical.

Sephora Colorful Mono eyeshadow, fluorescent pink, purple, coral, yellow and blue hues with type, by projecting the energy into the skin, out of the shadow continues to be a favorite for those who give up. Dense pigment structure and long persistence, thanks to the vivacious eyes throughout the summer, and offers a stunning look. Women who love to be ambitious, you can use fluorescent lights with sticky tape by matching nail Polish.

The Mono Headlights: 28,90 TL

the Bright and vivid colors fluorescent nail patch sephora nail Polish glow in the hands and feet are tanned with bands such as sticky, attracts all the attention. Fluorescent tones as well as for those who give up season’s classic colors from red, white, and coral in shades of ready-to-go French manicure kit available.

hand and foot Nail Patch: 20,50 TL
Foot Nail Patch: 17,90 TL

those who can’t resist colorful and exuberant pressures of makeup bags and accessories, beaches and summer adds color to the bag. Almost resembling a lollipop bags, mini tweezers and mini nail file sets with your inner child alive and energetic, and who, at first glance, conquering.

3-Bag Set : 35,90 TL
Mini Tweezer Kit : 25,90 TL
pencil box : 22,50 TL
Mini nail file Set : 6,50 TL
Makeup Bag : 26,90 TL

sephora’s new series of manicure and pedicure with colors that is included with as much as it is practicality. Colors of lemon yellow and coral in the series of double-sided paper nail file, ideal for a trip 3-manicure set, nail clippers, cuticle scissors, a nail file, Ponza heel, nail scissors and a nail file on calluses, brightens up a bathroom. Foot care for lemon-colored, coral colored series of products for hand care packaging, include instruction manual. Durable and quality construction, offering practical solutions to beauty problems with your serial number makes it easy for you to achieve excellent results.

Le: TL only for 7.90
cuticle scissors: 37,50 TL
Heel Ponza: 25,90 TL
Mini manicure set: 28,50 TL
The above Quotation Rasp : 13,50 TL


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