the famous photographer Benny w of gerede slim lounge moments’ fabulous is hosting a photo exhibition.

on 20 January 2011, Thursday night at 21:30 Gerede Benny ‘Slim Moments’ the opening of the exhibition close friends, and lovers of the art world’s leading names with an invitation to attend will be slim.

taking inspiration from gerede Benny pulled the slim concept SLIM frames MOMENTS ‘for us in our everyday lives that we cannot distinguish the many items, clothes, accessories, electronics fetish objects are always Slim. Our eyes where we were, including US Slim everything I see. SLIM MOMENTS when you are fully at a time like this offered me the project, I was very happy, and dreaming of my exhibition I created these squares,’ she says.

in the lounge invite guests and see the works of gerede W along the W lounge’s resident DJ will be able to both Doğuş cabakcor they will have fun with the music.


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