Social Anxiety Sociability – Why I Don’t Have Friends?

Why I don’t have friends. Why I’m not a social person. Social anxiety.

welcome as a need socialization because we are able to remember, eat, work, and from then on to lie as we can’t complete. So we need to convey something to talk to people.

I’m a social person, why not ?

I think this can cause a lot of.I’ll try to write as much as I can think of.

1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs :

Maslow’s idea. You must have completed the tasks in the current level to exit to the next level. the ranking of human needs from the bottom towards the top.Most of the word natural underlying physiological needs, eating, drinking, and mentions in other positions that do not meet these requirements can’t be.

to become a social person 3. you need to be at the level of love and belonging level. In this case, if you are not a social person, or does not guarantee your basic needs, or for your safety, is not fully in place.These situations provide, or are provided that we need to believe.

2. Your interests you with the people around you be different

you only think you want to talk about it with tech.Those around you has nothing to do, they just love the model they want to talk to.Do you think anchor .If you have different interests with this person, so you are able to establish good friendships aren’t going to be happy.

get to know other people interested in interested in.for example, a person who likes movies likes to talk about that you won’t find wandering in a museum 🙂

3. Wait 3 Go our menses 1

after I talk he doesn’t talk 1,2,3 if I’m gone. 1 2 conversation with you might not have recognized you.Don’t give up an earned friendship status is not easy.You will know where your best friend will be in the person was my best friend I haven’t spoken in 1 month, light tart.

4. The one on the face I find cool, I can’t talk to him

every human being is equal. The one in front already so perfect vision. Believe me, no one is perfect don’t think anyone not a perfect life. The coolest people you’ve ever seen past to know about their lives, their life is perfect don’t you think you need to know.

smooth and perfect. Remember people are not perfect, so perfectly the Son of one of the partners of the Fiat Group had committed suicide came to life even more. Anyway, that’s not the point see, that one man’s life wasn’t perfect, he committed suicide.

you and your friends do not choose a place so high already so I don’t expect rich environment 🙂 It means you are surrounding you if you have balances in a certain position can be considered equal then .

5. Around bad recognition.

emitted into the environment and this has alienated people from minor incidents rumors your eyes were frightened.These are things that will not be raised.Thinking that there is proper communication and pronunciation will not be replaced.

I quote from the live events.some friends they were hostile to me because of an incident 6 months ago.He always go to the saddle and not once I had a conversation with a good communication to talk about this we’re doing just fine.Supposedly, that hinder you in this case.

6.You pronounce your communications and worse.

pronounced communication and friendships as a major factor in winning an important place in the friendship and learn to see this.This is seen as the Buddha expressed himself around the people who takes socially intelligent recognition humanitarian 🙂

they came to my mind. 🙂 Hope to make it work for you .Thank you to everyone who reads

I see another .Best regards


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