Soleil products specially developed to leave it in the sun kerastase yourself with the person…

your hair is protected from the sun during the summer with kerastase Soleil series, discover the unique beauty of that…

keep your hair silky, shiny and beautiful during the summer months in order to maintain their appearance, more than ever, special care is needed. Kerastase Soleil kerastase consultant salon in the summer with just the hair during the ritual of beauty, health and shine is guarded. Sun, sea water, wind and as a protective shield around the hair against the harmful effects of chlorine is being created. The possibility of repair and reconstruction to damaged hair adorned with superior technologies are offered.

the ritual Soleil with natural and dyed hair against the sun is totally protected. Solar pre-Soleil after sun restorative care, preventive maintenance and the ritual of the custom-developed formulas through quite a colorful assortment offers to the consumer. Just like skin, hair also are affected in different ways from each type of the sun. Treated hair while your natural hair sun sensitivity is low, require a higher factor of protection against the sun. Recherche Avancee L’Oreal hair see the different needs of the laboratories, has developed a new rating system for sun sensitivity. Kérastase Soleil products, which is equipped with different elements of quality that can meet different needs protection against the sun. According to the level of sensitivity to the sun, for natural hair 1 , Hair 2 least sensitized, painted , painted, rofleli, very sensitized hair it is recommended to use products with 3 degrees.

protectric Brume jour – daytime protective Spray: preventive maintenance improves Brightness

painted as the summer of 2009, the newness of kerastase hair protective against the sun *first, providing the versatility, maintenance, Protective Daytime spreyi presents. This photo spray-filter technology provides persistent protection to the hair with Defense. High protection against UV rays and resistant to wear and salt on the surface and in the internal structure of the hair are preventing them from colour fading. Mineral oil provides long-lasting shine, preventing electrification.
Thus dyed hair for long-lasting shine is under control and protected.

*from kerastase

BRUME NUIT APRES-SOLEIL – Spray Night after the sun : healing a new maintenance routine of hair strands through the night

The second important innovation launched in the summer of 2009, after sun spray kerastase night *first night restorative care against the sun.
while you sleep, that refines sun-exposed hair strands.

containing vitamin E derivatives of the formula on the hair anti-oxidant effect in creating the ceramides repairs the cuticle. Glycerol and tween assets in the scalp moisturizing and has a soothing effect. As a result, the natural vibrancy of your hair becomes flexible feeds and reaping

* from kerastase

in the protection phase, water resistant wet suit each different hair type and lifestyle Gel (1) micro-Protective Curtain (2) Protective oil (2), cream UV Defense active(2), and Ultima Defense Cream (3) hair becomes incredibly soft and shiny. Restorative care restorative hair used to sun bath in the group stage after the first washing (1) Bath for the hair and painted Hair UV Defense Active (2) is contained in. After the washing phase, After sun care repairing after sun milk Phase (1) , post-serum (2) and the Mask UV Defense Active (3) as indispensable components of summer maintenance is appreciated.

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