Some Advice To The Members Who Have Difficulty In Sleeping

Hi all,

I’ve seen on the site

why not sleep?

things that will bring you sleep, can you tell?

I decided to write this as an answer to questions such as I click.

thoughts, concerns, and sometimes our daily problems can make sleeping difficult, or even impossible. a
simple changes to your daily life, you can switch to sleep faster.

when you sleep, you if you are having difficulty falling asleep, I recommend you to practice the following techniques:

you can make changes that Immediately


  • turn off all electronics.

Sleep is a hormone that allows our body to sleep and need a dark environment for the secretion of this hormone. If you get stuck on the phone or on the computer if you block the secretion of this hormone.


  • take a hot shower.

speeds up the transition into a deep sleep the feeling of warmth on her skin.


  • your room cool.

an ideal combination to sleep in a cold environment and hot skin.


  • make your room completely dark.
  • read.

Read it and to distribute it both helps to reduce the stress in your head.
Alone, I avoid books that contain action or horror before sleeping.


  • try to keep the Log

write down everything you have in mind you will be of little comfort to you. In the meantime, you can note the things you need to do to keep your mind busy so that you will be liberated from.


  • something hot

warm milk, chamomile tea or peppermint Tea helps to relax your body.


  • change the way the hospitalization

if you are lying on your back and snoring causes are clogged if you have a problem it the airlines side-sleeping solves this problem. Warn him if he’s having a snoring problem if your partner also like this rest.


  • comfortable to wear

tight clothes and socks would bother you.


  • the number of goats.

I mean, not really, but begin to count.

your brain is tired and continuous counting makes it easy for you to go into sleep mode.

you can make Changes in your lifestyle


  • use the bedroom only for sleeping.

it might be tempting to eat a meal and watch a movie in bed, but want to experience sleep problems if you do not, you must enter the bed for only sleep.


  • eat your dinner early.

eat your last meal three hours before of bedtime because your body needs time to digest the food and makes it best when you are standing or sit.


  • late don’t do sports.

exercise in the early hours. Made sports helps you to sleep at the correct time.


  • do not drink caffeine containing drinks in the evening.

severely may affect Sleep, 16:00, then be careful not to drink tea or coffee.


  • sleep in the day.

if you are too tired to relax, if only for 20 minutes. More to sleep at night when you sleep and your sleep patterns is disrupted you may find.


  • set your sleep hours.

make sure you get up and sleep at the same time at the same time.


  • see a doctor.

If you are having a problem falling asleep, Maybe if you may have a condition such as Sleep Apnea. Don’t neglect to see a doctor.

I bid you all a peaceful and abundant members of the sleepy night. ,)


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