Sometimes you need to put aside pride.

drop the PRIDE in some places…

I’m very proud. All of the events of my life was pride in the very thing that I brought. Well, I wonder to myself if it was so useful for me, still I’ll ask. NO. But I know now I would do it again though, even if I knew I would regret it in the future. Most of us lost him haven’t we? Maybe to the person that we love so much we couldn’t tell because of pride.

sit down and think. If not now, never I can’t do it. Human life, because this opportunity only comes once. Moreover, who can guarantee that tomorrow a new day for you would be born? Should put aside human pride. “Can I get all my stuff, but I won’t my pride.” I’m not saying give up your pride, even your pride always carry one with you. Shameless people like you who doesn’t understand anything, but love is just a load in your pride…

your loved just staring at you then that can remain…

he said When you see, master Victor Hugo? “Say, I wish I could say that I love you, I’m crazy in love with you! But I say I can’t say. Between us the mountains, the seas, and give me that damn pride. ”

always so perhaps I didn’t win. Look, I’m not saying I’m a loser, but I have never won. Who knows what will be after this time? What’s done can’t be undone, they say. At least I know what to do next in my ways. You know. Don’t let life make you sad. Stop hide behind excuses. Yes, life isn’t fair, Yes, we are not lucky, Yes, we didn’t none of us want that to happen.


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