Sports Discourses Faced By Those Annoying

The rate of doing sports is very low because we live in a country where even those who do sports yadirganir treated as alien.It’s spoken from behind the face they say ridiculous things.What happened to us or not, they will be confused and confused.Of course there is envy E.


  • you’re on your diet again

people who say that you think you are you constantly on a diet, actually I don’t do include them in your diet, just eat healthy if I can find what I don’t like you I don’t eat.

you want to shout you’re against eating like a human, but patiently you guys be quiet.

  • why you go to the gym that you’re already weak

or maybe it’s the sport that I love you. Is discipline something that you can explain to health care or live sports, but continue to ask periodically. You keep yourself hard.

  • more that don’t do enough drop

no, like the first, we the sport it says that we’re doing it for him. OK can stand as a rock on the outside, but the formwork when the concrete, let alone a lot of years. You need to work constantly. Also you want to thrive to be better. You want to describe them, but saying You’re leaving then I’d talk to the wall


  • have you gained weight?

are you constantly on the lookout kiskana those who say that it usually usually your body more than you do and follow you, even into the night’s dreams may be entering. Stems from 2 pounds immediately to get order of two weeks if they begin to talk.

maybe it’s my body that much in bulk I don’t look at what I’m friends, why do you care about you. Look at yourself donde no g*t 2 my belly is on the rise I kilom you’re worried about your cat.

one day we’ll explode we also tolerate you, then your self-confidence is


  • very unhealthy protein powder

protein powder I’ve ever used, but I’ve done research according to my own logic, nothing unhealthy about it.

let’s say a possibility is unhealthy. Well, most of the people who said that fast food, alcohol, cigarettes or something using them more unhealthy.

The man in one hand and a cigarette in the other says that alcohol is very unhealthy protein powder.


  • so that’s what I’ll get if I bought protein powder

or, of course who wouldn’t be? There are developments that don’t take a protein powder only if you practice?


  • this is all swelling. Kof’s athletes

the hell man, you moved the TV every day carry 15 kg weight as much as you do when you think the guy that said I was stronger than you at the waist.

my intention is not to belittle anyone, but those so involved in people’s lives, or anyone doesn’t want to play sports doesn’t do that.

this doesn’t make anyone good or bad.


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