Suggestions For Men’s Fragrance

when reviewing the questions in the CT, usually to coincide with men’s perfume questions I’m coming. Those who want to buy perfume for yourself boyfriend, and I think it would be useful for those who want to buy perfume.

I’m going to share some of my own perfume.

5 – Burberry Classic

the perfume will be an ideal choice for those who want to use a lasting. In the first place that you receive when you are bothered the smell is nice but you have to shake for a long time. Will turn into a bitter smell.


Bergamot, fresh Mint, lavender, thyme

Price – 119,00 TL

4 – Hugo Boss bottled

confuse when buying this perfume. Hugo Boss Bottled perfume, there are a lot of named varieties. You get to see the bottle as in the picture. As for the smell, a long lasting perfume, a scent that people will forget you suruce bothered too much. (If it’s too tight it doesn’t you no one on your side)


Apple, citrus fruits

Price – 129,00 TL

3 – Calvin Klein Euphoria


pepper, ginger, drizzle chord,

Price – 144,90 TL

this perfume you will want to cling to everyone when you are fucking. Constantly ‘you smell good’ you will be overwhelmed with compliments. At first it sounds a little impulsive what used to smell a beautiful perfume that you will understand.

2 – Dior homme intense

go out at night, when you get tired of the fragrance is an ideal. The scent of this perfume which is preferred by most of the men are fascinating, I love that perfume.



Price 259,00 TL

1 – Bvlgari Aqua

so far, the most satisfied in kullanip perfume. You get a fresh sea smell your fucking time. Gift your lover or your friend will receive this perfume is absolutely off hand.

Spacious, aromatic

Tangerine, small grains.

Price – 114,99 TL

Available as 100 ml the price of a bottle was written


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