Summer protection with a pomegranate!

by embracing the summer sun, we went to enjoy the taste , resume writing, and do not support your skin from both inside and outside protector is missing from your side !
Dr. Howard Murad developed as a result of his work on the pomegranate fruit, the effect Age Proof Suncare oil free Sunblock SPF 30 is proven in clinical trials Series – Pomphenol pomegranate extract and SPF sun protection oil-free moisturizer – 100% pure pomegranate extract with the most comprehensive protection you can provide against the sun from both inside and outside.

sun protection oil-free Sunblock SPF 30 oil-free moisturizer SPF

oil-free formula ideal for all skin types to provide moisture, protection and support. Helps to prevent Glare on oily skin.With pomegranate extracts the skin’s defense by 20% increases it has been discovered that. Also the patented skin repair System (System repairs the skin) collagen elastin synthesis helps to repair the skin against the formation of wrinkles by supporting.

Pharmacies Authorized Price: £ 115

Pomphenol pomegranate extract 100% pure pomegranate extract

Murad pomegranate moisturizer from the inside not just the outside that is used with tablets with a complete care from the ageing effects of the sun you can provide.
patented a food supplement that contains pomegranate extract by taking 1 tablet every day, your skin is the natural defense mechanism against the sun inside % of the sun’s harmful rays and can strengthen the body against the damage it’s caused on the skin of you can provide antioxidant support
Pharmacies Authorized Price: 98 TL


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