Symbols and their meanings

each of us have used some symbols a semester. Jewelry in the museum should be both our tattoos (tattoo wearers I’m just saying) these symbols have been used. karsilasmiss or somewhere.

with this symbol all the time encounter. Well used, the meanings and implications of these symbols do you know?

if it is necessary to touch on them a little bit,

1. Yin and Yang for the Chinese, Yin and Yang is a balancing element. And one can not exist without the other opposite energies. In fact, yin (black) Yang energy (white), Yang within yin. Etymologically the north of the hill, shady Yin fire, yang represents the sunny south of the hill new.

2.The seven-armed Candlestick (Menorah), Israel as the symbol of the Menorah, or the Menorah, the ancient temples for providing light in a Sam that is made with olive oil. Infinite light is the Nur of Allah and meaning .

3. Venus and Mars Symbols The Venus symbol to represent a woman (right) is a symbol that symbolizes the nature of Mars (left).

4. Down, the boy represents. Father, mother and built a family with a newborn baby.

5. The hand of Fatima (khamsa hand) in the Middle East, luck ,prosperity and happiness in case you need to bring is a symbol that is used. Jews have the same meaning in includes, but is referred to as khamsa.

in the cult the Kabbalah and the Illuminati are often used. Contains the meaning of the all seeing eye.

to be continued.



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