Talk Without Revealing Your Phone Number Mobile, Mobile ! (JCC)

I think you need some friends though not everyone is a messaging program that is simple and stable.All in all, everyone doesn’t want to give a number.There are people of all kinds.The program except for Turkey, is very popular because they are not advertised a lot of of us will not be used.The program is simple, but still to short I wanted to explain it.It has all the features you use WhatsApp also.

to add a friend :

1: The lens in the lower right corner, click on.

2: people find, select or create a group start a group if you want to you can use.

3: After clicking on the option search by name or Username of the person you are calling using your name, you can search for Kik.

The program sent the message that was delivered and read. You Write a message, Send your message and if you have the internet right next to “s” (cents), the author means that it was sent to. If the internet is on the other side, if “d” (forwarded) to the author, notification will be forwarded by your writing that you will understand. The other party is the program, and your message reads “R” (Read), the author of to read you know.

quick send a photo in the program, you can take photos. The program is not sending video, but the photo in terms of upload speed is quite useful.


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