Tanning and tanning considerations

ultraviolet Tanning provides tanning so darkening of the skin by spreading , we need to pay attention to what do we know ? Sometimes I need to make what I see in the questions , I need to stay a few minutes , I made this as an answer to my questions I Yi.

if we talk about the benefits of the tan


  • allows to skin darkening
  • .More vibrant and brighter skin a person’s self-confidence increases
  • increases the blood circulation in the body that regulates the metabolism
  • regenerate cells
  • the body’s vitamin D allows the body’s bone development, which is required for gourmet this is very important especially for women menopause periods
  • improves skin renewal with a healthier body will be in a position drenc as winter
  • Some diseases, particularly psoriasis,acne,works as an alternative treatment for acne disorders

it bragging to some friends ,people to achieve a natural tan for a total of 6 – 7 sessions is sufficient for tanning 3-4 times per week going to some faster , some even I have entered 2 times in a day and this is very harmful

from the age of 16, after puberty, everyone has to be tan s , a solarium and sun burn in the same equation provides

Who should pay attention when you go to a tanning salon


  • this application is you must definitely stay away from pregnant women
  • the tanning salon on her period should be entered
  • whether or not the authorities should be asked to disinfect a tan without devices
  • Solarium pre-and post-required creams should be used
  • you definitely should not enter the tanning salon when I’m drunk
  • on an empty stomach as the body will be tired we need to go to the tanning salon
  • Of skin disease with the doctor’s advice should determine the number of sessions.

first 10 minutes in the solarium for 5 minutes up to 20 minutes remain in the session may increase in later sessions should not forget that you can get in 20 minutes you have gone to the extreme received on the session again.

people exaggerate a solarium in our environment we’re reading , I’ll show you in a few

women with solarium

for men back from the tanning salon doesn’t stay

so it’s over the top, right ?


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