Ten Sisley art project, The Andy Warhol Museum 15. anniversary pop art, biker jackets

Sisley, pop-art movements of the most important representatives of American artist Andy Warhol was initiated in order to commemorate the Sisley art project in the scope of the famous musicians of the 1970s and 80s, reinterpreted biker jackets. ‘Artist jacket, exhibition from 17 18, 17 pop-art artist, sometimes using staples and metal paint, sometimes painting with graffiti, consists of a jacket adds his own interpretation. The exhibition curated by Glenn O’Brien during the month of October, 15. celebrating the anniversary, The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Will be held on October 30 ‘Film, flour, and themed anniversary party for 15 minutes after to be held at Christie’s auction house in New York on Monday November 08 to be obtained from the auction ‘will be donated to the Andy Warhol Museum.

you wore biker jackets and style that has received great attention in the 60s with Andy Warhol, became enamoured of the 1970s and 80s from becoming the iconic biker jacket, and began to make a collection of jackets. The collected jackets Monument and Museum of the artist who get the opportunity through the survival of Sisley, art lovers, history, values and the importance to artists, the biker jacket is back in fashion again winter season raises the 2010. Benetton Alessandro Benetton, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the project, the most important objective is to always keep in the forefront the Benetton Group’s design and art, noting that ‘the interpretation of details from the lives of contemporary artists, the project, which combines it is identical to our institutional identity, at the same time emphasizes the dynamic nature of the young and Sisley. , he said.

the names of the 17 artists who design The scope of the project the signature of valuable, Stefano Castronovo, Ronnie Cutrone, Jane Jackson, Duncan Hannah, Robert Hawkins, Kenny Scharf, and Walter Steding, graffiti artist Frederick ‘Braithwaite, fab five Freddy, Lee quinones and Ouattara Watts, Rita Ackermann, Dan Cohen, Brad Kahlhammer, Nate Lowman, Marco Perego, and Tom Sachs from occurred.


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