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and this is providing me with the idea, actually, what you should write. who said @Lolskill ‘e I would like to thank.

Turkey participated in the Eurovision contest was caught in unfortunate consequences.The primary reason of the game is revealed among the countries of this labor,not the political ideas was to be given according to art.Countries near each other, the game in general, and they were giving each other.

The second challenge in our country and in Europe Muslim,Christians against Muslims was his prejudice.

First joined Eurovision in 1975.What happened in the last years on behalf of Turkey in Eurovision.? Let’s take a look together.

in the year of 1975 Semiha Yankees for the first time we joined a song with you.From this date until 1990, but the temperature drop from end to end, we have the ability to throw a kiss. :):

in 1979 the People’s Choice determined by Maria Rita Epic

after a while, the language provided in Eurovision, the freedom of changing the system as a result of televoting and voting, our country slowly began to see the ranks.How 1. although we can’t know this slow rise is happy and our country was promising.

listen to the song and we gave us a good first degree in 1997, Patricia Parker 3. we have been.This was just the beginning.Thursday’s arrival from Wednesday was obvious.

how great the space is decorated with the expected Victory in 2003 came in and he took us to victory English song choreography everyway that I can offline and 1. we have been.This is for our country,for our people was a source of great morale.Because people forget all their troubles because it was making a kind of victory.Space below how you follow this video from beginning to end, I’m sure you’ll feel the National enthusiasm in your veins.Actually, while writing and listened to it 3 times I got goosebumps.

in Istanbul, which hosted the competition in 2004 Turkey Athena for real with a piece called represented.4. with the ability to be what we are.I think that was an expected result.Because it wasn’t an ambitious piece (in our country this song until that day that receives the highest score in the history of Eurovision, do you know?) This song actually he could have gotten a better result.The only drawback in my opinion had a choreography that will add colour to the scene.

2007 when we arrived, the scene took this time Kenan first time that the school kids can do easily sugar and shake it up again with pronunciation I named this song first brought to our country in fourth place.

In 2008, as well as Purple and beyond.Crazy song with a different strange they went to the stage with choreography shake.But in the semifinals 7. only prospects, they waved.The song is heard with a country album that would sell.The lyrics was so beautiful.Music, too.But it wasn’t suitable for Eurovision.Words and their stories because we didn’t understand.

the incident in 2009 when we arrived (I think his compositions Darbukator Feast made) dum Tek Tek song appeared on the scene.What a coincidence, we were fourth I also.

once we have tasted victory or not,we are the way we are.Some things we don’t mind saying once we became enough of his pride first.Turkey in the World Cup 3.like the Swan.

when we came in 2010, rock band Manga-we could be the same song was runner up in the final.Successful first with results was more akin to that thought,

In 2011, the high-fidelity group wasn’t even to the finals.This was the finals for the first time since 2004 cikamayis.

The Bell called me back Eurovision 2012 song of the love in this time participated in Bonomo 7. we have been.I’ve said that Bonomo would elect.Because it was a very bad choice.

Turkey in 2013,rule changes, and that I mentioned in the first place because of Eurovision, did not participate in political Polls.We followed to pull out of this contest in 2014 and 2015.

let’s see what will be in 2016?Regardless of the outcome, the music is universal,among all the nations of the world have said that to anyone in any language for a common ground, let’s not forget that met.I wish to make such competitions as it is in our national soul is always in the enthusiasm.Us our union will carry us to victory always and everywhere.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read each individually.


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