The 10 big lies of the AK Party government

not a day we’re exposed to the lies of the ruling, one of the owners. For this reason, in the recent period, it was quite hard to determine the lie spoken so badly — 10

1-KABATAŞ LIE: never naked 90 people during the protests of gezi veiled Sardis was supposed to be released footage from our sister group, but it’s been about 2 years and still no answer

2-in the mosque drink: believe a very dangerous lie in this regard our society have denied that they have skin sensitivity yalani the muezzin of the mosque directly

3 – the assassination of Mohamed: the most fuat avni laughed themselves by telling themselves the lie bidet umut Oran and CHP believes the subject of the li ones, too, because it is already denied in the newspapers that 140 character Twitter directly from the speeches on the subject was impossible.

4-interest lobby: lobby interest of the people that say I’m going to explain what they did say the factory gave the Prime award who attended the opening ceremony for bidet

5 – the money was planted by the police: 17 pm on December corruption probe by the police in the alleged criminals get their money back with interest the results themselves was rejected

6 – I haven’t seen assholes who are with the PKK,: these words belong to Prime, but this too does Erdogan after a while, he denied

7-parallel to the tape on the back of BAIKAL: the Prime Minister always running them at election time, but it was not announced by du already taken by counterparts in their community, and the language of the general continuous case these tapes on the screens when you publish their own tapes gave fatwa Haram dolayan what they did.

an 8 – over 80 pre-wrote me a note to my daughter: her daughter was born in 1983 and the next thing

9-have been made 30 years ago in urla Villas: the villas with satellite images of Google personally that is not proved until 4 years ago

10 – I’m warning fethullah gulen: this too hoca Ahmet Davutoglu said the Prime Minister of the period carrying capacity of the President’s news he said he had already denied himself, but Abdullah Gül Ahmet Davutoglu’s lawyer he didn’t know about that can affect people very easily, like a faint drop across across as as’ad of warning, I don’t think a person could string two words together


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