The 1st Time In Our Lives We Need To Do To Get Crazy

the craziness in our lives that need to get the 1st time


The first activity that comes to mind when I think crazy, he says. The slope, the higher out of the helicopter, sometimes rising from the sea made by (parasail) and different types are available.

jet ski

The Sea will be held in the craziest activities. However, other activities can be done. For example, water skiing can be tried.


one of the essential activities for the winter months. Ski resorts in the mountains climbing and skiing more Normal except for the crazy part is running. I have tried and I recommend it.

climbing the mountain

climb the mountain, and is one of the activities that require stamina and strength. Climbers were stranded on the news so we’ve heard. Among the activities are so crazy.


in our country would not be seen as a difficult activity. But watch closely who go abroad where you can make friends and shooting the volcano starring the craziness in between plays.


Usually we’ll do the races. Arm accompanied by a pilot, sometimes compete, sometimes on the pavement on the dirt road. Sometimes it includes those who want to experience the adrenaline tastes except for their race.


the most crazy scary on a safari in one of the activities. Because you can’t predict what will happen, the person is a predator. Usually it is an activity that can be done in Africa.

a trip to the cave

as the team reviews the caves by entering the unknown, discoveries are made. It is likely to coincide with the old works to come. It’s not just the old piece, wild animals is an exciting activity when there is equal risk of adrenaline.


you’ve seen in some of the amusement park. The instrument itself is the wildest Amusement Park. Thanks to the 2 rubber pole and send you on your way to the sky in a cage. In one of the craziest rocket composed of tools.


would you like to swim with dangerous animals? Just like you asked for this activity. Glass only between 2-3 cm.

jump into the sea

The high activity of summer fun and the adrenaline rush jumping from a height into the sea is one of.


between the waves, waving the paddle with your friends activity.

bungee jumping

jumped from the rope down the leg that connects when you will realise how crazy what you did. Adrenali danger increases.


scuba diving is the most enjoyable activities. Seeing fish and other creatures close to the sub you can enjoy.

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