The 5 Stages Of Disease In Today’s Virtual Love

First, virtual Hello dear users.

with the internet into our lives, her feelings mixed people arising as a result of “virtual love”s study together the phases.

1) the Introduction Phase

newly seated sexual identity in the years of interest by the opposite sex for the first time in his life, seeing our young friend and wishing compassion for someone who, for the first time with love meets on the virtual codes.

2-) everything is fine, passed the stage of love from hoslanti

our young people who are no longer in love, blindly connect to the computer and says I can’t be without it. Skype, MSN, ICQ and derivatives of channels audio/video met our friend, who is no longer the victim of virtual love.

3-) and now begins to doubt.The internet broke when the power of love the rest of it is cut when the cavity continues to gnaw at their minds in the intervening time increasing doubts. Suspicion grows, grows.

4-) Insecurity

a place of insecurity growing doubts leaves. Having lost a sense of trust with relationship seeing now is damage, “I wonder who is this” we have young people who he thinks, he loses his faith for the sake virtual. Failing to contact with the boredom that gave worn out, parties, people they know in real life to turn to begin now. Both sides are starting to forget each other.

5-) Fights, Separation

bored of fighting each other at every opportunity with the Parties you gave the virtual lovers hate each other now and inevitably consume it shows. As their last move all the channels from each other preventing lovers, though their relationship with noktalarla giderli words.

for a while, our friends who continue to chase each other from virtual to actual, repent when you realize the absurdity of the situation they are in this phenomenon, a near-genius don’t.

well, then.


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