The 5 Stages Of Separation

until this time, at least, was not abandoned by the person or a person we love We gave. Woe to us if we also were recorded at an unexpected time of separation! I don’t know what are the stages of separation for men but for girls only is here,

1 – excessive crying

where we are, who we are it doesn’t matter. Tissues they really cry.Our tears flow into the gutter, and we won’t ever stop. I hate boys, I’ll never love anyone so much it hurts dillendirmey sentences I guess.

2 – Depression

alone, where we were from the city, we want to get away from it all. Our sorrow,our memories that we would like to get rid of flees from the city.

3 – smoking, alcohol drinking and seek refuge in, after the stage of throwing a message to the person

start with a sentence that ends with I hate you and I miss you so much.If back is entered into desperate crying fits again,they are required to from depression depression. Hope is expected.

4 – Acceptance phase

maybe it’s better like that, it was supposed to end and it was over. I hope you and everyone will be happier. “Of course when I say it drips tears to our eyes, but not like before, a few drops, maybe a little more painful the drops. The wound burned, but the wound a few drops of pushed on.

5 – feel good

the things that happened over a certain that much time has passed and that now doesn’t think you’re aglamiyors. In spite of everything you’re gulebiliyors. You will continue from where you left off with the rest.

Thank you for reading. Maybe you have made something of yourself that perhaps you did not find.

But I’m sure you’re suffering unspeakable hurt you I’ll kiss you. The wound still Bled, and the one that connects the Shell to the last word


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