The Advantages Of Being Male Freedom

The freedom to wander hand in hand

Men hold hands on the street and walk it comfortably the men that it is a girl it’s called but the girls did it, all hell breaks loose.

Night life

Men come out at night a girl can be worn comfortably. That is not something the man would go to night clubs. it’s called But the girls leave, she talk get out in the evening to go to night clubs I would talk about.

Kiss kiss

a guy that kisses a girl on the street, men is called. But the girls he’d kissed her on the cheek a man immediately if the Apocalypse broke.

Sex bed

The men walked comfortably to bed if a girl is not something that man is called sabahlasa again. But the girls did, if her father did you hear about the funeral prayer here all hell breaks loose.


Men smoke in peace if no one don’t even blink. But if it’s a girl would be the right word.


Men can come and go easily to any environment, but any environment the girls can enter. if you consider a girl a coffee .

so, this is my idea, I think. I’d appreciate it if you respect. They are of course not valid for every girl. Some more free?


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