The Adventure Of Students From Kindergarten To College

Hi guys,

Today, I will share his adventure as a student benchmade,


Yes, friends, in a normal individual at the age of 6, kindergarten the adventure begins. From this period we are called a student. Of course, this has some responsibilities in life that we become conscious of in ages.

This term is quite beautiful and fun to their peers because they are covering this period on the individual that carries the power of Education and the highest level leaves a very strong impact. Remember we first love in starts here ,).


it was a pretty comfortable time for the individual for that period over the previous period, but this period, it has started to load a few things in the name of responsibility to the individual.The individual is no longer literally the student has taken the first step.

because the environment is a term that is quite troublesome,friends and out of being motherless. To a large extent during this period, and usually cannot be certain everybody is kept none of it to someone. Homework, Homework, Homework! 😀

before I forget in this period, swear to us that thing 😀 I had

middle school

This is a very typical term students there is no relationship of it this way, he starts making excuses for not doing homework the teacher gives the student the assignment. Love is a beautiful period specifying this period no . 😀 bidet in a separate room test in the transition to high school persecution. 😀

high school

this callousness because it’s a pretty fun semester everyone has them.Because the teacher gives homework student buzama until the fear of beating usually does . 😀 because usually this period is referred to this period as the beginning of adolescence asi styla mode actually connects to . 😀

acne usually occurs during this period.Tight friendships during this period begins.Move quite a fantastic feeling during this period in gains . 😀 during this period, very strange 😀 usually experience an identity crisis 😀 😀

into cruel and unusual punishment to the student And the ygs-lys,don’t try to not have to work happens. Each year since the arrangement of education, the student doesn’t know what to do. We have to work the best 😀 going to the Lys in this order, good luck in advance to friends .

unlocked. Okuyommm!


during this period, usually the biggest problem is money . 😀 you’re going to eat with her boyfriend to rent money a student harcicak bellies etc etc you’re going you’re going to feed you, you God may grant you plenty of money for the students this semester. he prayed and let you continue 😀

let me give you some advice ,

The final and visas will force you. Ceme I am ending with a video last. To discuss. I hope you like it.


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