The Art Of Bottom

Hello again. Different than my normal style, I’m going to write today because of my mood I think. Location, the bottom is the art.

a lot of us Certainly geciyoruz or through such a period. There comes such a time, no matter what the problem, it’s the thought of what to wrap our minds could be worse. Such a time comes, it comes like we had nothing to lose. However, we have so much to lose that worldly. But we lose ourselves in that period. I’ve written this I’m sure will not be a stranger to you.

The problems are different, but the result will be the same usually. So, we all could be called a common angle. We will look up at the night sky and watch the stars. Maybe in the background nice music player. We actually listen to the words, the melody is not very important. Watching the stars when I’m upset personally, I am in favor of listening to zeki müren.

we think. Like Descartes. When we hit our lowest point we are stuck with ourselves. In fact, self-recognition, we will not be mistaken if we say the process. Maybe we hit out, and even if we confess our direction we can’t even voice express ourselves.

people when he hits rock bottom, others are closing in, some extrovert. Here we can see two types of people. Exaggerated expression if I were someone who eats constantly all day without getting out of bed and type. The other is the more the merrier, adventurous, and so much is hilarious. But both wasn’t normal. Like I said, the directions are different, even though there is a common perspective hit rock bottom.

(users) of the line reaches the stage that regular consumption of alcohol and cigarettes during this period. A form of suicide method. Nice we call it fooling yourself. Anyway.

oh, Certainly there’s a moment when you hit rock bottom. Like this staring into space, lips with a faint smile occurs. That variac, that is very sad. And that as they say, I am very much hurt that day, my dear, even took pity on me. That’s pretty much it.

I noticed that I wrote very pessimistic. It’s time that I finish more optimist. And don’t forget, when you hit rock bottom, you have nowhere to go but up. It will pass, my dear, it will pass, be patient.


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