The best of the best to play PC games

1. The Crysis series

The Company’s domestic producers by the United States of Crytek made the Crysis series is played in the science fiction lovers advice.

2. Dead Space series

in the space of 18 horror-filled Adventure Lovers walking to fight monsters do you have ? 🙂

3. Mass Effect series

full adventures of the space enthusiast. Of the world which is eager to get out and see the world you can play. There are also battles. You can browse the new world after the war.

4. The Far Cry series

The action-the game for lovers. A game of adventure on a deserted island groups to fight against the gangs.


one of the best games in the GTA series GTA IV is one of the most widely played game in the world.

if you’re sick of playing another game and finish game soon, this game is a recommendation. The mafia game is normally played with 3 or 3.5, you receive the task with pleasure and one of the best games in weeks the task has been completed.

6. You assis creed series

The meaning of the game called Assassin repeatedly every year new games are full of historical adventures.

between them, the revelation of the name of the game played in Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire, the Roman and others of Europe series imp. The American colonies etc. History lovers full games adventures of Download.

7. Tomb Raider

Hollywood star named Lara Croft in the women’s game pass.

the temples on the Japanese island of aksiyoncu game The Adventures of the woman with gangs fighting game.

8. Metro last night

after the atomic bomb nuclear explosions, underground living in the subway tunnels of Moscow the capital of Russia civilians and the military are plural. Armies destroyed the city of Moscow with the Russians fought.

9. F. E. A. R

18 the fear of the game completely. In conjunction with the army and fighting ghosts or stand-alone buildings is the advice of korkusever around 🙂

10. Call Of Duty: Black Ops

one of the best games of the Call Of Duty series.

in the Cold War against Communist Soviet Russia with the United States fighting each other played the game. The game have been made in the past. A total of 15 different individual chapter, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Kazakhstan Baikonur space station in the past and a love of history in countries such as Cuba who wants to fight you can play.

meanwhile, Mason and reznov are the greatest warrior heroes of Russian.


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