The best quality care for women and fashion Blogs!

when it comes to fashion for women care and many site / blog. For me, I want to introduce you to the best quality a few blocks away.

let’s start.


  • by Burçin Şaroğlu butti’s diary

a blog is where you can find latest fashion collections and brands. Lady is also the owner of the site Burçin own combination to guide you with their proposals. I would recommend you to read this blog for you to follow fashion closely.


  • address

I made this motto, but it was good. Everything from a to Z is available on this site. You can get decorating and design ideas river from the ladies, fashion and beauty you can get advice and information about current issues can be read.

  • Quality follow up

The founder of Turkey’s first online shopping website in blog format, very high quality and Zuhal ladies your own blog successful. Zuhal Blog active since November 2008 and the ladies liked your style, you can see your dreams. There are also many a fashion shoot and projects. Stay tuned!


  • native mode

this blog gives information about many topics Yet which began broadcasting on August 2014. In the pursuit of fashion, celebrity styles, and beauty secrets you can learn tips about acclaimed combine.


  • about every woman Guide

this site and all the categories where there are issues, you’ll need a woman, 6 The author’s own writings and you can read their experiences. Fashion, hobbies, beauty, health, and even you can obtain information even about food.


  • Experiences and suggestions

The author of this blog is on fashion, beauty and suggestions about outside experiences, create a blog on behalf of recommendations are also available. So you can have a blog like you.
for now, the blogs came to my mind and I followed. As you have observed, if you have blogs, you can share it with us.


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