The best series I’ve seen so far here they were.


house MD

person of interest

watching the Dr. house character, she has impressed me. The simplest is unable to adapt to life in the social sense of genius to manage bilateral relations in the world except him no one could manage it fails however performing enjoy the events that I watched.

The character of the fringe Agent Olivia Dunham and Dr. Walter bishop was also a very fun character also exhibited a dazzling performance. Many parts of the movie as much as it was a fun show. A series of chemical experiments that can give an idea about nuclear proliferation and the Cold War. Quantum reflection from a parallel universe that will love those who enjoy a series.

da Vinci diamonds series filled with a series of gripping adventures. The invention is especially in conflict with the policies of artwork and historic event allows many to dream for. Ottoman and Turkish characters was the worst part of the array. The Son of Fatih Sultan Mehmet II. Bayezid Turkish or Persian or Turkish people, who looks like ten in English and in better condition.

The array of a person’s interest is truly staggering. A machine (artificial intelligence) and interaction with the world reveals people the effectiveness of today’s social networks access to all the information. I’m watching with interest a series. Harold Finch machine. The purpose of the Finch in action yet avoid crimes that criminals in the future have to be processed proceeding. and agent Shaw, John Reese ,Mrs. Root adds color to the array of characters.

“game of Thrones” series is fantastic mystery, very well constructed story reflects many issues, which brought in politics and history. Sex is in abundance in this series of the occurrence being followed with much interest all over the world in the same way. I am among those who suffer stark. Jon snow and Khaleesi, Mother of dragons, too, are interesting characters.

12 monkeys is a great series for lovers of time travel and the series of parallel life. Yet the new first season was very successful, I think. Cole from the future traveling to the past and portrays a character who fights against the army of the 12 monkeys in this journey.

with the originals, the vampire, the witch and the werewolf of modern myth construction. Sometimes he can’t get the sections through the medium, but mostly the stories are interesting and captivating. Michaelson in the family, every day different events is developing.


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