The Biggest Misconceptions About Leo Women

some of us restless and fidgety friend who irritate some of us created small mountains with the air of oscillating behavior with an acquaintance, and I’m going to talk about the women he’s never even met kimimiz. One of the women Leo.

astrology Leo women, mainly the women that amazes me the most. To most of us that may probably atrophy a group of women. So, like the cat from the outside-fashioned polite, courteous and buttons appear when pressed into the border and suddenly they shock you with the wrath of a lion. Toughest out there, most no one can bring me down , all I need is you tears for emotional reasons body image and drown in the most simple connecting. A minute or two ago, with you cry, I suddenly find myself with the reactions of players around starts to smile when hot, which one is the real face of this girl ? inevitably you can’t get yourself to ask.

my two closest friend is a Leo. My mom is a Leo. My sister and my cousin Leo. Surrounded by all these women around officially 🙂 I was able to analyze all those completely different because the woman Lion. I wanted to give benchmade first place.

Stereotype 1: Women Leo is a fan of gold jewelry. Fond of the brand. If you want to buy expensive gifts that impress women constantly, always wear the brand.

I laughed at it because it’s the most cliché I bought it 🙂 the gold color is a particular obsession of the women Leo. On the contrary, I have met all the lion women’s preference for elegant, simple but elegance that complement the jewelry on the side. Leos all who heard the cliché of women think it’s eroding into the door of the jewelry store Eminönü 😀

Leo woman Taurus there is a fondness for the brand as it is in women. So of course, this does not look at the Brand of clothes that you would get. The fabric is good quality looks extremely good on what it looks. For example, one of my friends who is a Leo, the condition is very good, but go and sip quality clothes instead of buying one from the mall that goes to the market he chooses, and thinks about it with incredible kombin. Also exhibits oscillating with the air of the Queen 😀 I mean there is the expensiveness obsession. The man opposite to her clean and stylish dress but it is very very important at the first stage.

Stereotype 2: to love them the whole world has been created. If the purpose of your life is not you to make them happy, they would treat you officially like shit.

when choosing Friends how flattered they’re not how hot the person could be, how to structure their thoughts and looks to see it is compatible. Bad habit, a person that liked to warm up to love again didn’t love it at first.

her lover or else dear candidate, want to pay him a compliment. But beware: this woman is not a woman so stupid. Pohpohlama from empty and exaggerated-contrary to popular belief – she hates it. Exaggerated as you pohpohlama seen as a simple one. (We removed a side that most men left. yaranilm cannot get this egotistical maniac ! the line between a compliment with flattery actually shaped the actual cause of the whine because you didn’t know.)

Stereotype 3: Leo women in your life devoted himself so much to enjoy that someone else’s responsibility. Concession from those strains will give deee, deee to take care of her child. After! Puslensi they are all barely dressed.

cost of living

Yes, from the outside, seem so selfish, or even narcissistic narcissists admire themselves I’m aware of the gaze through the window 😀 but you know, most people there are aspects they show: these are the people that they love women, they’re very awkward. It’s not such a protectionist pattern , the pattern is not altruistic. A little bit of everything, but at the same time they are very different. For example, one of my friends is at work and her boyfriend Leo lives alone. The workplace no later than 7 supposed to get like service. Both live on opposite sides of Istanbul. Three days out of the week to discover our girlfriend, at the wheel get up at Four in the morning to prepare breakfast and take the juice to your lover is going. Wake him up and prepare his breakfast and his passenger and freezes. For the days he can’t go in the closet the other day and put it in the closet in the morning, prepare the breakfast and leave it. So crazy sleepy, we sleepy in the morning to pull all the way but for whom who I wonder if she is tired 🙂

my mother, my father, the look on her smile, keep her happy childish as sevinis even worth a visit.

The Kid wanting the best for the fluttering of a mother’s boy at first , these women are usually just the model. So the way I see it. Tiger eye is turning talk bad about me you’re making me depressed, especially when someone is officially. 🙂

self-confidence and having self-confidence in general because they have much attention to the issue of raising children of character they are. The way I understand it from my mother and a neighbor. No matter what each thought (religion, political opinions, regardless of the kid no matter how old) they kept encouraging the child to make their own decisions. My courage and my confidence I owe to my mother current marital character completely, Leo 🙂

I think it’s it’s the women who should be at least one in everyone’s life. The Levent Yuksel song maybe it will resemble, but : when you’re angry Fury cool, calm, compassion, too 🙂 no matter how mature you look , regardless of age, always an incorrigible child. 🙂


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