The Bucket List

cancan Yes,I made my own list.Speaking of summer, just wanted to make a few suggestions :3

1-to go with him to Amsterdam

The Dream and the city of love, I think it’s necessarily to go to Amsterdam ooyl should be placed in.

2-paint ball

what,who wouldn’t want to get paint ball for fun with family and friends before he died ?

3-Marriage on the beach

remember your wedding for the time Kenan first time and bruises ? They haven’t had a great wedding at the beach ? Who wouldn’t ?

4-Type Trailer

with your best friend,your family you’ll have a tour of a trailer that really fun ?

5-The Great Wall of China

quite impressive with the length of kilometers,which is also quite high sentimental value to the Turks in the Great Wall of China do you want to go ?

5 – her silhouette photo

I really love the silhouette pictures.Imagine that,maybe you little one with you at sunset sweet photos have you got ?

6-something Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels are quite romantic.What if he is your brother ? And biggest ! ?

7-on water fight with your family to make !

since summer is here come on, spike pet bottle caps :3 ( illegal underage members don’t understand :p )

8 – discover the beauty of Turkey

I’m going to write only under this article.

Turkey is quite unique with their beauty and there are many places that need to be addressed.

– Pamukkale

– Safranbolu

– Oludeniz

– Mausoleum

Also I’m going to write the city a few around here,a pretty great place.








Like a city.

I hope you like it.There may have been spelling errors, writing from phone.I’m sorry.

I love you.


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