The Challenges And Achievements In The World Of Being Disabled.

In fact, our country is advanced compared to many countries in the world for people with disabilities, although studies began to be made after 2008, but is that enough ? Do we show enough care?

I applaud the things that made for disabled citizens, but there must be something that will provide convenience for them absolutely everywhere. For example, Metro and Tramway also make them custom, there must be ups and downs, but unfortunately no.

being disabled is not a defect. As a result of human fault is not impaired. Being disabled is not a choice. No one wants to be disabled.

it’s the easiest thing for them even if sometimes is a big obstacle.

it’s not for the blind to direct the yellow lines!

but as someone who sees life asked to hold on to their love of their life and I applaud them standing. And they’re having such success that they cannot because it is through challenges in a healthy person.

can play professional basketball

there are professional swimmers.

can play football.

whatever can work

Please follow this video carefully.

for example, did you know that Ludwig van Beethoven is also disabled ?

Ludwig van Beethoven, Bonn, Germany he was the Son of a poor family in the city. An alcoholic musician who is his father’s harsh training from an early age to contribute to the family’s livelihood at the end of Beethoven by playing the piano in church started.

in 1792 to Vienna to study with the famous composer Joseph Haydn Beethoven classical music began. Joseph Haydn and Beethoven’s sublime in a short time his talent was noticed, there to support him. Beethoven, in the beginning, not as a composer but as a pianist his name is announced.

later his compositions of classical music 19. all the musicians who live until the end of the century affected. Suffering health problems throughout his life, Beethoven in 1801 he began to experience hearing problems, and became completely deaf in 1817. After this period, showed that deafness was not affected musical life in any way.

Even as we know all too well 9. Symphony composed in the period of deafness. In 1827 at the age of 56 and has been renowned as a composer to his funeral thirty thousand people participated.

In fact no obstacle, not the obstacle.

Read this man

please follow it!

actually, us and our ideas of the games let me think about it, you deaf or Disabled?

Thanks for reading.



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