The Circus Is A Source Of Entertainment For Us. What for them?

There circuses to entertain us(mis) ! He’s trying to entertain us with acrobatic moves is very successful at what you do, the animals aren’t they?

sure, the audience in the show that the audience’s mouth dropped open acrobatic animals had as much fun as he’s having fun (!)

come and let us see more closely the happiness of this wonderful animal.


  • lions and tigers jumping through fiery hoops.
  • file which is the focal point of all eyes.
  • incredibly resourceful bears.
  • horses everywhere exhibiting the nobility.

a big Circus audience, who filled the stage lights, applause. I’m sure all of the animals I’m proud of them.

Come and watch behind the scenes of this amazing show.

the Lions with a whip those who are unjust “Lion Tamer” Title we were given.

who you think need to be animals or are we finishing?

The Animals aren’t trained at all rewarded by what you think !

this persecution is what they call Education with paddles, whipping with torture is done!

after watching this video, the circus still entertain those who see people as places established for the purpose, being exposed to torture animals enjoyed acrobatic movements in His Word, those who continue to buy a ticket for the continuation of this torture the humanity of those assets if there are I doubt!

let’s not forget, this world, not just of ourselves.

does not deserve to be plucked from the creature’s natural habitat.

The essence of the creature – the self doesn’t deserve to lose.

only the free life of us is right ?


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