The concept of witchcraft and the witch-hunt

many of the words that have been identified with the woman and one of the things I noticed when examining the origin I’m going to tell you more about now. When it is said The Witch, old, ugly with white hair and a pointy nose with a broom flying in the heavens and revived a woman in the eye, isn’t it?

Why I won’t say it wasn’t a man that came to life in your eyes, of course. As of the time the witch was captured and burned, so to speak, the people mostly hunted are women.

The first 15. century emerges is a witch hunt. In the villages of Europe, the power holder, manufacturer and Vitality, a symbol of fertility among the nobles of the state and the growing forces with women I guess you could call a round.

accused of being a witch for most peasants, consisted of poor and elderly women, and these women actually make use of religion for power shook the authority of the church. A team that uses herbs to the women of desperate people looking for the solution of problems. Boil herbs boilers, by adhering to the old ways, Witch wasn’t a lot of the women who read the prayers fislenip you’re caught. Later tried in the courts of the Inquisition, which as you know (!) in front of the public were burned.

of course the courts was a formality. The women first accused to make a deal with the devil to sell body and soul to Satan, child mortality and epidemic being the cause of lingering diseases, natural disasters, animal and crop damage, such as crimes they were caught.

this hunting, the state structure began to be visible in a woman’s body corresponds to the period when. The woman is fertile and productive. A man would never have a feature that have been mentioned to him.

known as the midwife, birth also women who have had an abortion or who is referred to as a witch who sells his soul to the devil. Actually overlaps with the subject of many witchcraft accusations that is synonymous with health, defence was tried in the courts of that era and these women without rights.

The trial stage was the scene of torture. Charged with witchcraft of women, being completely off, by connecting the needles into the body on the cross is immersed in a mechanism is to understand whether or not a virgin and were raped. Witch is your findings-otherwise it was never happening – yakilmak were gathered in front of a crowd after being hanged. It would be expected to be still alive before burning. If he can stay alive if it already was to make sure she is a witch. Them oily so doesn’t die in the mechanisms is exceeded when the tether was used.

over time more and more pathetic as a society that has become prey. In the beginning of the 16th century in Europe, even the women who used to beg on the streets to witness that was burned for being a witch. If you refuse to help him because if you supplies or money, it is believed that you will curse him.

The text of the accusation about a witch that was executed is as follows:

I gathered the fruit of my field without permission, he threw the basket with the border when I wanted to quit back and mumbled something. After that day did not grow a crop in my field.

this was executed on similar charges that many of the women and elderly, the poor and the peasants. The back of the noble Layer and didn’t allow him to take care of at this stage is my guess. However, I haven’t done extensive research on this subject that already exists, I couldn’t find a source.

what’s interesting to me, and what I find worth writing was that created by the Word of witchcraft was a woman of perception. I also the mention of the Witch that came to life in my eyes was a woman. Coincidence is not known but some are also Undeniable is the fact that the words and concepts of gender.


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