The Difference Between Science And My

throughout history, the comparison made between the religion of Islam and Science and Science, or has been argued to the contrary and separate from religion. Rationalist and positivist religion of Science, while keeping my darkness and light, Chaos, and black holes is a poem. And my religion of science, the crop of the West.

we need to be aware first of all, the religion-science conflict, the claims of people who claim to Well, ‘I’, not ‘science. They call this science, as the source of all truth begins with the truth, and denying the absolute truth. And this is supposedly the correct one increasingly tries to jump over the possibility of mistakes.

however, the people in the hands of all the mistakes and noncompliance with the truth, a truth without scales to be measured, how can it be reached? Things may change as a science, ‘to accept the existence of invariants, is in contradiction to the changes and working on changes. So, science and the immutable rules of denying a Creator is to deny the hard facts. Which does not change, because real experiments, experience and observation will take care of anything that is not. It is not possible to enlighten the world with experiment.

Science errors, mistakes, tries to reach increasingly more over the possibility of what I said. However, science is working on the universe that groping is, in fact, the power and the will of God that wrote the measure and balance is arranged according to a plan that, like the Book of things and events. True science that God acts in the universe consists of entities that own divine laws and the relationship of events filtered from the report.

this book which is the Book of the Quran are the Word of God. Allah (SWT), this book describes the universe at the same time, being in nature and sheds light on events. And the balance of the universe, which he founded in the creative order established by the order of the verses of the Quran refers to. Another of these verses Allahu TA’ala and His messengers, his angels taught through the basic Sciences. Throughout the history of Islam, various scientists, explorers and thinkers have been there. In this sense, Islam is Science, science I would like to state that this is not Mania.

the synthesis of life giving life to Islam. Man and me, reading the Qur’an and the universe that will have as a result of this, however, can recognize himself. Before or recognizes himself in a different way, and then reads the Quran and the universe. The universe, science and the Quran, just like a person at a convergence of looking and seeing. How does a person look different and does not have a very different look if the two eyes of the Qur’an and the real Sciences, too, are different from each other in the same way.

The scientific study of the universe that we know is very important for us to understand how God’s art. But science can’t explain everything. For example, what is the universe? This is how the universe occurred in sensitive settings? he left his apartment and you ask questions like if you’ll switch to the fields of Science, philosophy and theology. Or when you ask questions about the morality of aesthetics, when you ask questions about the art, science can’t answer about them either. Science can tell me how to outer space, but does not attract attention to the importance of moral values. Respect for the other members on this site if I’m never rude or aggressive to anyone the reason for this attitude and ethic.

recently sent into space for scientific research we’ve heard that a comet Rosetta has been downloaded onto. The formation of the solar system and some other topics of the first semester is sent to philea research about this tool. Now which religion is regarded as heresy or sin, and go out into space in order to investigate it? Of course, it may be necessary for the advancement of such research, but the writing in the middle of, as I said, islam is an impediment to science.


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