The Disadvantages Of Being Male

1. Circumcision

being circumcised is not a bad thing, but one of the greatest fears of our childhood. Fortunately, they secretly I was unaware of everything and nothing, I don’t even know what happened. But some kids can survive the psychological shock is to be aware of everything going for it 🙂

2. Military

the military is a source of pride to all of us, I called the man when it comes to go to the Military, the perspective of life changed. But for college graduates, this can be problematic. 5, or Dec life of 12 months and then gave back in business again can lead to back problems. Additional training becomes out of date, if we are working, we may encounter problems of work put in front of us like that. Not to mention the shortage of finding a new job after I get back. If government officials are no problem, but most of the time wear an important business trip in other ways to the life military service.

3. Us parochialism of the hard work all the time

ourselves, our mother, our spouse, and even every woman was forced to carry heavy stuff to carry when we have a duty. We don’t know when a woman help, we feel we carry the goods until they. The strength of an ox, it’s good for somethin’, but you should know things you should move as easy as it looks 🙂

4. The first step to start a relationship to expect from us

mostly men from first steps is expected. Don’t bid opening, special day gifts, and the most recent proposal tasks always it is US.

5. The woman’s menstrual period and take in your life

that there is such a thing as Menses some women cross that line gives a glimpse of the stage. Is that what the woman says at that time, the impossible just we have to do it anyway he wants. Angry for no reason, then he is right. A a menses!. periods of unexpected positive default is a challenging exam for us.

6. The tragedy of sunbathing on vacation

tanning in the US, it’s a little different. Usually we entered the sea legs in shorts instead of Mayo for the top part of the tanning remains white. No problem in the upper section, but that part looks extremely ugly Dec.

7. The account of the paying jobs are usually men

now increases the number of paying men for our daughters, who is offended by being proud as a man that fails to pay the account to outweigh his pride when he feels himself a loser. Most of the time when you go out so expensive.

8. Major responsibilities are mostly men.

Work to run the household, take responsibility to play most of the time it is the duty of the big man. The female bird builds the nest, but the strength of men is one of the most important factors.

9. We have makeup to make us look beautiful

countless women like makeup, clothes and various outfits from each other, also have accessories such as high heels. Our material is what it is, we will force our border or something a little beard hair, but that only goes so far.

10. Every moment that we have we have a future to protect

especially for women and has a weakness which is maintained meticulously every aspect of life, including football matches. Failing to protect our lives the bell goes.

as a man I can’t extend much and ultimately the three points I put in the bad side of my own sex if I’m bombarded. More answers you can give 😀


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