The door of mercy: prayer

of course, every human knows the importance of prayer.Maybe there are know, of course. I think the importance of this beautiful prayer in the month of Rajab is greater. So, I want to share something about my prayer.

1 – Prayer, God gives us a divine order. Even Quranic verses and hadiths, the necessity has been emphasized. I didn’t know I learned the following verses and hadiths 🙂


  • begging the Lord and pray in secret.” (A, 7/55, bk. I 6/63 width)
  • Fearing and hoping and pray to him. (A, 7/56)
  • prayer to leave the rebellion, is sin.” (Heysem, ed), religious) being unable to pray pray because no man who will not perish.” (Ibn hibban, ed), religious)

2 – Prayer is an act of worship.

The Prophet (s.a.s.)
“The essence of worship is Dua.” (Tirmidhi, De, 1), commanded.

3 – Prayer, in God’s sight is very precious.

there is nothing more honorable in the sight of God of prayer.” (Tirmidhi)

4 – Prayer is a key that opens the doors of mercy.

Pray, mercy (opening doors) is a key in the form” there is a hadith.

5 – Allah, Pray you won’t be angry.

Who pray to Allah, Allah is angry with him. (Ibn Hibban)

6 – Prayer is the spiritual weapon of the believer.

Prayer is the weapon of the believer, the Pillar of religion, the light of the heavens and the earth.(Judge)

the most precious moment in a person’s life, towards God Almighty, and when left alone with him. If time alone with God is the best means of prayer. People who pray, with wishes and requests are found surrounding the whole existence of him and turn to Allah. The reward of a prayer God never fails.

some people constantly worry about flashing because they don’t they’ll accept my prayer. However, to do so is very wrong. Never like this our thinking and we mustn’t lose hope. Our prayer does not necessarily accept the time has not yet come, many times we want God will give it to us when the time comes or better. We need to keep thinking like this and our prayers constantly. Ultimately, God”pray for me, I answer your prayers,” he said.

also, prayer is only difficult in our time is not done. I should be constantly thankful to God give us. We would thus have fulfilled our mission of servitude.

I think it could have been longer, but I didn’t want to bother you with that. I hope you like it. A request to remember me in your prayers I would be very happy if you can.

the prayers of all my brothers who read It at a better time and I hope to God he accepts. Amen.

all of you stay healthy 🙂 Thank you in advance to those who read.


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