The Elastic Cheesy Love Hearts

it’s a toy in the hands of people who can’t love love. They think love is walking hand in hand in the park. However, love is not so innocent in her vocabulary so simple and back to the streets.

pen in hand and write poetry space poet, saying there is a separation of the universe insidious killer knife in the corners. Rip Duma dum prick into relations of people who do like the consistency of yogurt tzatziki yourself.

it does not stay to yourself Laila-majnu legends like you are a shame. You are sincere in your love messages fakirlestiriyo the inflation of affection and emotions.

are you crying, slobbering. For what? For an asshole who can’t love. Bitter in the nation is hanging out, your fake you are experiencing pain in your shell like a snail. I don’t think you understand shit that you love or whatever.

Don like the tire you’re growing in the ways of emotions. In that way, even if you don’t have skeletons and what of the Braves. Stupidity because you can’t see your eyes you’re all tied up in their underwear.

come on! Do not defend me, non-or half-assed feelings. Spiritually I know all of you virtual. Ultimately you are the person. You’re arrogant. Come to your business your heart pound. Don’t you close your Windows you your business. What if that writes Windows left open? View after a huge gap.

now silkelenin also, still let me reveal your true face. What is it? You don’t have the guts to face the facts? No, of course. So that you can screw in all the fraud. Fake like Don Quixote, go in your own world.

me so much to this day. Enough I guess. I withdrew into my corner now, I’ll continue to watch it people.


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