The election’s in two days. I’m saying that the AK Party, what do you think?

4th in the country won the election, the country voted and the P yonettirmiy party, even if they don’t trap a lot and Iftar are being taken. Despite such huge public support.

a coalition government in this country that you consider what can you do? Nothing!

chp obsoletemhp with an eye on the Central Bank reserves already called shaggy record.

hope says, I’ll give you 2 Bonuses if you were forming a government coalition and a retired engineer salary kemal. Also shamelessly the notary is confirming.

even though the reserves added on top of a proper mindset if this guy and the host with the money to finance my project, I think, he says, dikmez a look at the fortunes of the government. Unfortunately those who voted for them blindly is connected.

I say, if I hit a solid guy like you pray in the availability Tayyip these Parallels, another coalition government or if it were, no one could save this country communitarian terrorists.

the Pasha’s most trusted men, he wiped even your husband. A most treacherous people together properly even though they added. They framed some of the soldiers who works for the homeland, the nation,etc., and lobby against their own country and now abroad, to the Jews of Turkey have complained to the British.

shame really, this country always spends its energy on its own people, that in itself is dealing with brainwashed.


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