The enjoyment of ice cream at home with De’longhi

the summer is indispensable, we have rewarded ourselves while on the diet, children’s favorite dessert, ice cream… now, the difference is the guest of de’longhi home! This summer’s most beautiful and delicious ice cream of any flavor and if you want to prepare your home with any materials De ‘GC 6000 ice cream machine just for you!

Both are healthy and delicious at all hours of the day and you want to enjoy fresh fruit that you can equip who wouldn’t love ice cream? De’longhi what is known in contrast to your Ice Cream ideal to prepare your own according to your own taste ‘offers to users of GC 6000 ice cream machine. Your own hands and prepare yourself with the best flavors that you can specify de’longhi sugar and fat than 6000 GC comes out.

Magnificent stainless steel bowl with 700gr GC 6000 ice cream at one time to be able to make it featured, also can be easily cleaned and can be cleaned in the Dishwasher. Ecological refrigerant-featured, non-slip rubber feet and 230 watt power miraculous tool that you will offer your loved ones in order to create delicious ice cream was produced. Also to add instant cool drink in the heat of summer and offers an ideal use for the tank you want. De’longhi are not limited to the details of the GC 6000 ice cream machine. The sides of the machine you have purchased more than 50 ice cream recipes booklet with you and / to users the most beautiful gift!

The de’longhi GC 6000 selling for the recommended amount, 635tl.

ABOUT de’longhi

The de’longhi developed to provide a comfortable lifestyle and household electrical products from Italy into a leading brand all over the world. This is about seven hundred years ago in the workshop of a master established, de’longhi, developed in the 1950s, and today a strong Italian brand in the international market, has become providing services in more than 50 countries. De’longhi Italian design and espresso which reveals the quality of the models is a leading company in heating systems especially. De’longhi, heaters, air conditioners, air purification products, food preparation and cooking products, as well as house cleaning and ironing for your needs with the products it has developed and facilitates the lives of millions of consumers around the world. De mission, high quality, performance and productivity leader, always by developing new products to continue by offering functional and stylish designs. Production with ISO 9001 quality standard and eco-friendly products with De’longhi gained the trust of all the world.


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