The essence of our children and our children Landing

Yes friends. I agree, especially those on this site that I have so much that I believe we are all deeply needs.

to avoid the problem in the future of our children, we are to prospective parents (candidate to be right now you’re going to marry, even of our own what are the tasks ?

Friends in our society, a lot went wrong, and ongoing issues still takes place. On top of that, a lot of the problem is so serious about it contained in this site is the main source of CHILDHOOD, Yes. You read correctly. The books of pedagogues psychologists professors insisted on spilling the screaming topic of CHILDHOOD.

so 0-6 years of age to be considered. 0 The Amazing potential that the child arising from the acquisition of information and memory ability and skill development so perfect. We are blind or we, or on our hands we’re doing ore.

0, el a mud that you can consider in an effort to, you know, human face and head is done. From 0 also is taking shape with you and your child finds himself.

here is our child in the womb of 26. the mother from week 7. without the moon, is waiting for you and ready for your child to flourish in the womb from the moment that you begin to teach your child. Quarrelled with her husband as an example, imagine someone who was pregnant and 7 months. Tone body from all the tension in the muscles twitch November, and have been made aware of the child startled. Birth, then dies, and the boy probably different in a meaningless way she cries. Under simple reasons you’re trying to fit in like he did have enough to eat, but it doesn’t.

friends, it’s not that simple ! It’s been more than 40-45 years to be thrown the foundations of Psychology. You want water that’s so deep you can guess that the answer to the simple psychology that offers every thing you see.

Moreover, a lot of negativity from childhood/characters in order to highlight the difficulties of the descent I saw the title appropriate to the essence of his childhood.

The relationship which is the very essence of our child, how should we act? (In the case of ingredients, I’m writing the captions)


  • it’s a joke, even if never ever don’t lie (the child has that trust in you damage. Taking refuge behind the lie that you cannot get a thing. Do not convert the bond between you to the wall.)
  • the mind of the child it is 0. Ask these questions, wonder, explore provides a great opportunity to. Just because it doesn’t satisfy your own soul of the child the wishes, needs, definitely a turned up ear ! You are to feed the kid you’re parents. Any question, listen to the need and curiosity to explore ! If you listen to how much your child’s mental and spiritual will continue in parallel with the same needs.
  • really feeling and thinking like a big sit down talk with him. Happy to take him minutes to share. Question and answer on good topics, make a genius. Her curiosity will explore topics sign in. This is good so you’ll like him that much interest. In terms of the development of self-confidence, this is a serious ANTIBIOTIC. (Gesture as she said You never it would take to get him, her small flashes by, as they say, and do not like how difficult talked him out of it. Your child shows no response and you need it instantly.)
  • put him on, give rise to extreme fear, hurt, and upset him so much words/avoid behavior. (For example , you’re out there and you are moving. You are a mother. He lingers for 2 minutes, so I’m wondering about something your child. Would they take you. DON’T SAY IT !. Think of it this way, your child for a reason x has disappeared. You that I get lost in his right mind. Wondering look. says What do you feel ?
  • this is a very important article. Definitely physical and mental/verbal violence do not apply ! His soul is hurtful the most serious violence, verbal/psychological violence. Insulting, degrading words, profanity, comparison, etc. situations your child’s self-confidence/self/please for the health of the soul.
  • next to your son, profanity, insults, gossip, fights, discussions, audio-upgrade as much as possible don’t enter situations like that. Buy one of these you can implement your own and your child share in the future. Do not be the one responsible for this ! The beauty of you remembered. Educate your child with kindness.
  • Extra, avoid the intake of unnecessary toys. Robot, truck, baby Intelligence Development away from non-purchase of educational toys avoid ! Aqueous paint, finger paint, animals boyatan when introducing books, when introducing goods like books boyatan, his mind will directly affect the activity that get the equipment. His private box, and renderings. Both dexterity and the ability to strengthen the mind.
  • any kind of goods your child can be valuable. Your kid broke something, spilled it, and it may have taken something somewhere. Go to him and guide her in a very calm way, in a nice way. Your child shine. Don’t be angry. Without making you feel intense guilt about it and proceed to a short summary of the event close. Until next time support him again really until the truth is completely. Your child self-confidence for dish 1 dish 2 don’t break ! I’m asking you.
  • indicate to him that his choice is in the Exchange. Fruit and vegetable products, etc. to want to support him. Remember that his is an individual ! It is also a human just like you. Just a developing human. Accept it that way.
  • note that your son is not included even though the house was tiny slightly. Slowly the tiny responsibilities. Please guide his family to help out that is part of the house with you. Make her happy. Make you happy. Laughing, smiling, in collaboration with the chores. Believe me, you’ll benefit a lot.
  • periodically from the age of 5-6 weekly allowance they give a 2 week if you want if you want him, and leave him the management of this money. Spend the first week in May reckless, but over time as they experience, money management, and responsibility in life is slowly starting to pick up, you will notice, you will prepare him to life.
  • I’m telling you when you demand any activity for children a bit older. Him plenty of encouragement. You never know whether it is capable of. Also the sheer talent of activity is not it. Your child to be social, the ability to find a place in society, self-esteem and to develop to take care of health by tackling the sport can be established. Your child deserves this. Make this happen.
  • no matter how old your child is. Hugging her, kissing her deeply and don’t forget to show love to her. Self-destroy themselves felt insecure because they were deprived of most of individuals. Show you love your child really heartfelt and clear.
  • the latest, and most serious the matter while our child is explaining something to his get down at eye level. Him eye-to-eye communications, and you communicate really calm. Think about it for him to understand -. (Basketball team you’re on everyone 1.40 2.10 cm and your height. What do you feel ?) Do not allow your child to feel this way as much as possible.
  • (I can add item dozens more of these substances, but more substances as it passes through the next series of events and examples of more detailed, more serious situations I’ll go with sleeping issues behind the scenes, friends.)

    your child from birth is coal. Or are you a diamond or a coal continues to remain.

    we don’t have any friends in life, more life. We shouldn’t spend life regretting this. Society about child raising is in its infancy and I believe that all the problems,though,

    star TV – Angel Program

    TRT 1 – good idea Program

    star TV – Super nanny Program

    8 TV – Born God and the human person thanks

    thanks to our lecturers born of God, Adam, the sun, the East and the educators are valuable to live.

    friends, please follow and fight. One day you will live to regret tomorrow and regrets from your past, from your family’s culture the wrong train, to raise memorization, you do not grow unhealthy.) to live. Raising healthy children in our society rearing %-30 unhealthy while breeding-in `70s. It also is in the hands of our friends upgrade.

    scroll to the top and you say stop these problems.

    HOPEFULLY, all of us healthy raising healthy children, especially when I say, we will be able to raise emotionally healthy children.



    footnote : I think it’s on ‘kerim will continue. Stay tuned.

    warning : written in capital letters and thickened the letters/words I did because I wanted to draw attention to the more important process.

    pleasant reading. I’m waiting for your comments.


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