The Fisherman Of Halicarnassus


the fisherman of Halicarnassus he is presumed to know Everyone and I wish you all a good evening and hope that the ignorant among us will be.

when I went in the basement for the first time, the unique blue of the sea under your feet as soon as she starts to slip you will see a sign on the right.Signage like

I researched a little and then gotten into my mind these words of the master.Today Google Doodle and I walked to the site of the fisherman of Halicarnassus I think that the Yi saw that I decided to write.

if you want to master.

who is this ‘ the fisherman of Halicarnassus?

smart Viewer or the name of the fisherman of Halicarnassus also known real name cevat sakir,known for her love to the basement, the famous author of novels and short stories.On April 17, 1886, Şakir Pasha of the Ottoman Empire, the last of the families the father of the family, was born in Crete and his tenure as High Commissioner.

cevat sakir, sakir Pasha, the apostle of childhood as their father in the first year of life is located in Athens, grew up in. His education in büyükada, middle and high school at Robert College in 1907, was completed. In the same year the first post was published in the journal Ikdam. That it was an article translated from English. Maritime wanted to study in England after high school, but with the insistence of the family, studied history at Oxford University. Remained married to an Italian lady in Italy in 1913, and studied the picture.

weekly translations for a living until 1925 journals, articles, by publishing the image and a new style illuminations by cartoon by cartoon drawing and color was obtained by preparing magazine covers. Kapakcilig has contributed in the development of Turkish media.

Four deserters of Canaan by the nickname of Hussein penned about her misfortune 13 April 1925, sentenced to death in prison, even those who Even tried in court expenses due from Istiklal Istanbul asilmaga a story in titled How. ‘Was a rebellion in the country, while encouraging open rebellion from writing the military was convicted. The President of the court, Ali Çetinkaya is requested to be sentenced to death by the sword of Ali Bey’s suggestion kalebentlik was banished to the basement. In 3 years half of the basement finished.

after completing the last half of the sentence, in Istanbul, where we blend the natural beauty with people who love them too and managed to turn again to the basement and stay out of the basement and stayed for about 25 years.

which adopts the pseudonym of Halicarnassus is the ancient name of Bodrum, cevat sakir, worked at various jobs, including fishing in the basement. Wrote a large portion of works that fall within the sphere of literature in the basement. Hamdiye his uncle’s daughter his second marriage, his third marriage he had five children from three marriages cevat şakir, who hatice hanim. Their children middle school age, his family moved to Izmir in those years, in the absence of the middle school in this town. Life and continued with writing and tourist guides, has taught guidance courses. Passed away from bone cancer on October 13, 1973 in Izmir. Will was buried in the basement. The spiritual son Şadan with Kabir at the top of the tomb in Bodrum Gumbet Gokovali in the location of choice along with a small museum, under the name of the fisherman of Halicarnassus’s Museum exists.

of our masters hope to be forgotten.125th of the birth of the fisherman of Halicarnassus. in the year we remember with respect and love.


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