The good , the bad and stuff.

Yes, ridiculous, welcome to a dime.

baked chicken recipe and you love them all in terms of ways to get rid or not to write about cats, I think I’ve passed I’m sorry .

I’m just kidding.

high-level contains a social message.

Vel sizing Kalam.

who is this triple ? The good the bad and the Goods ?

even the people who did this are bad people Here are assholes. !! we do condemn.

smile when you see good people or those who place the bread in the right-left bearing ?

what if the blessing of bread ? We’ll see beggars lying on the road causing nausea through ?

In this case I found one bad or beggars in Mali.


short joking because she’s in high school, you Bad Boy you guys ?

The Girl made fun of because he’s got freckles you have mal ? You guys ?

to top it all off, remember on the bus does have empty akbil

people who have filled until it is at akbil bad, or aunt in the back, standing, sitting, asshole ?

Survivor( the spelling is something close to it ) go and watch the people who ever played it Lost you dumb ass

mindset through us Or bad?

Short words.

social media where he made to be violent to women nefretleyen parcalarca their excrement ? man cut his wife or sit in the middle of the street and the viewers really so bad ?

in the balcony of my aunt or good ? Ultimately, the police don’t always seek them out ?

Hi, do you have your aunt’s granddaughter on the balcony .

The Audi Luk 163 who is the bad guy, or just her daughter lifted her skirt because she’s got car-mal ? What I mean by the stuff sold in the market hardware.

-I’m looking for honest girl to make sticky saying all of the women except for the sister who is the bad guy ? Or the girl who brutally rejected him ?

brutally cost or waiting for 8 years and can’t return your love Mehmet ?

what I mean by Holly s my name is Mehmet, Mehmet name as anonymous 5 in the country every 3 men is not, everyone knows that that contains contains h my name is Cervantes.

proverb Romeo ( maybe he has )

-Simple girl honest girl for a man accustomed to too much.

throwing stones at police or bad ?

Or is better to throw tear gas to the public?

the subsequent stuff or unresponsive ?

I hope you enjoyed, I gave you something to think about.

I didn’t write Komikli I think, I’m not funny today, unfortunately .

good-bye, Mehmet.


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