The Government Prohibits The Stubbornness Of Weird They

The government prohibits the stubbornness of weird they. Redundant information series no: 2)

there are strange things over the world. Or this we call the guys you went out with yuh. Though nowhere near as creepy is out of the law and the law in our country, although some US state governments has exceeded a lot of the decisions. Here let’s start here.

China – Greece: ban on game consoles

at the beginning of the year 2000, the Chinese government to screw the public (especially young people) and the work on behalf of game consoles and (I think) banned the sale of games. I was very surprised to hear that even though all manufacturing was there. Imagine the guy’s hands doing at the factory which goes through (is touching even psychos. I could look at this joystick Off baby 😀 ) but they can’t play. I think the Xbox was the first console game in 2014 after 14 years of Sony. Interesting.

Also the a period of Greek also forbidden to play video games. Actually the purpose gambling ban. But thanks to the government a comprehensive bill that had written this (accidentally (!) 😀 ) even banned the sales of the game.

China: (Again, a very interesting Bomb) without prior permission to be reincarnated.

I can hear what you’re saying. As you know, the Chinese government has a very large territory on this land since the time of the first triumvirate all the way and control, suffer.

some Buddhist in Tibet who live to fool around with the various obsessions of the nation blindly on a bill the cut the government takes from reincarnating without government permission and being banned. Thus the Monks by throwing lavish you cannot fool the people. Interesting.

France: Ketchup

how so, I hear you ask dear KS members, however, it is. The government’s decision in 2011 banned the sale and use of ketchup in the school cafeteria. Now you say, Well it’s no harmful to children. All the more reason strange. Taste French cuisine and maintain. No, I don’t understand France’s special fries, patties? This make no sense to me.

the cube – Argentina : light bulb

the fact that it is forbidden makes the most sense to me. Cuba in 2004, in 2010 the Government of Argentina banned the use of the bulb, due to energy consumption. No, they were suffocated in darkness the whole country.

only a fluorescent-based light sources, it was decided to change. Extreme global warming, reducing energy consumption needed in our world one of the best decisions taken. I congratulate you. 😀

Bangladesh: plastic bag

launched in Bangladesh in 2002, this ban was today, all countries has become common with the idea of a shared vision. Then France, Tanzania, Mexico, countries like supported this ban. In 2007, San Francisco became the first U.S. State banning plastic bags. This past the month of January in Los Angeles for the same thing.

Nowadays, most sensitive care of the people in our country that I’d support this campaign. I’m asking you to support.

The United States and Sweden: Beating :

Actually, it’s not interesting, that the whole world should conform to a ban. It is interesting to me why you still be enacted in other countries. Told school beating beating in the meantime we’re talking about.

the full schools of the United States 19th in the state of beating is forbidden. Ha I can beat that easily at home 😀 shame shame shame on your neck they say 😀 what is the kid beating. on the other hand, one in front and this beating incident in Sweden than in Sweden in this regard is not limited to just the school. In 1979, the result of a decision their parents can’t even throw a flick. (Turkish-based solution that the child, uncle, aunt to hit 😀 ) kidding, of course I mean 😀

Denmark, New Zealand Sweden: weird baby names:

Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden and many other countries of the babies in strange, unheard-of names it is forbidden to put. In Denmark, families, government-set from 7 thousand to one if he wants to put a name, you have to get the approval of the church. You’ve updated the list of baby names banned in New Zealand and Sweden every year.

actually I want to impose a similar ban in our country. you’re banned names, but two names of the families who Please put first name, second name, you’ve got to watch a little bit of harmony on yahoo 😀 I don’t want to be misunderstood and give an example.

Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, China, North Korea, Iran, Uzbekistan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Vietnam : ban the internet

I want to be clear. This is our country and write to the list above I didn’t want to be found in Google searches, but unfortunately we also have banned this. The grounds for the ban, according to the country is changing.

while some ban the use censoring some Tamil etc etc etc we live in a situation that you think that there is using. Getting arrested in the name of this thread, I’m not passing too. Is well known.

Saudi Arabia: Valentine’s Day Ban:

In fact, the ban only related to red. St. Valentine’s Day 14th February is Valentine’s Day celebrated all over the world showing what resistance The religious police in Saudi Arabia, on this day for lovers to buy each other a red rose forbade.

The Committee to promote the good and evil of men to the capital, Riyadh Florist and gift shop that sells items that is seen as a symbol of love for the owners ordered to get the Red stuff from the counter. Also wear red clothes on this day, almost all of the Red stuff, and heart-shaped things follow, it is forbidden to sell.

Actually, there is too much detail when prohibitions. But mainly I thought I’d write some of them. More will be added to the list a very long one, actually.

gum ban in Singapore,

in Canada, children’s rides generator (known as Spider) ban

the cell phone ban in Cuba,

ban yellow dress in Malaysia

dress up emo style in Russia from ban I don’t know if mentions in another article, but what they have 😀 so you know 😀

best regards.


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