The Great Directors In Cinema History – 3

gene tierney. That beautiful face, and my feelings for you forgive me if I’ve made the mistake over the first section by the material. I haven’t thought ahead. Like Kafka, share, and be strong enough I keep . I couldn’t do it. I thought of Proust. Lost track of time, she started to ride with a chocolate madeleines.
Chocolate. What a waste. Anyway it’ll go away after 5 days like this series. Afterwards, in the countryside, in a promenade in çatalca, Bakırköy beach on the breakwater. We’re going to stay just you and me, cuffed parchment transcript.
Oh girl. What you got me wondering.


Jacques rivette

the dream of our ‘we dream once we understand’, to awaken the nearest andayiz. That it always happens. Alas! However, sometimes it takes all I’m saying. Because I have something deneyes confidently.

I can’t tell you’ve been watching rivette ever. ‘Color blind recipe*’what enters (* played cher in the movie mask was made.)

I can’t tell anything when watched. Everyone dreams!

I’ll meet you in your dreams.

Choice: Paris is ours (61), Céline et Julie vont en bateau word out to the movies (1974), the ancient theatre in the world of reality and fantasy mixed with each other and about l’amour par terre last (84)

Aki Kaurismäki

out of the oven ‘bread out’ space of the sound.
Continuation, space, mad-libs.

Director, filmmaker Erik Blomberg, along with the most recognized reindeer in Finnish.
in his movies -a figure of speech- ‘heroes’, like the girl in the song Girl Anachronism born on the wrong date. Participate in a guest role so skeptical of the century. Today ties in with lost. Or unknown/imagined the sail of hope they’ll find a way to go (and get on the ship dreaming of getting away, Ariel’s finals), 19. y.y. Kauas pilvet karkaavat Bohemians as in Paris or live in the past.

dad just Flux, such as Loach, presents the stories of unemployment. In plain language this performs. It isn’t a lot of Northern European cinema. This is relatively a sitting layout layouts/silence, the artist must be catching human faces better. Live a week here in the last 30 years, experiencing a perpetual snarl.

Choice: the industrial age a ‘girl’ in the story tulitikkutehtaa tytto (90), funny way/music film Leningrad Cowboys go to America (89), Kauas pilvet karkaavat (96), the Shakespeare adaptation Hamlet goes business more of a strange eater (87)

Mike Leigh

covered with a translucent veil of obscurity and formality in loving, that official sent to the owner too smile you may know that is dedicated only to you. Those Jun.

Mike Leigh with super heroes, has nothing to do with cardboard characters. Hist Hist his voice, ithafen anonymous crowds.

Choice: a long philosophical dialogue containing Naked (93), life is Sweet (90), Ang Lee’s the ice storm with consanguineous secrets and lies (96)

Preston Sturges

make you laugh, it’s America’s job. Chaplin, Keaton master/teacher since Mack sennett is the case.

today,- but earnestly crafted – see the list of s most. You will find always a silver Sturges. Pulled along behind her comedy, brought new insights into the tradition of farce.

the poor, that is attempting to get involved into the world of bickin who can forget the director’s meeting. Sullivan’s Journey, turns to a critique of the Hollywood Studio system.

The Choice: supplements serotonin Intense the lady Eve (41) and the Palm Beach story (42) Sullivan’s travels (41)

Everyone non-stop kissing in Hollywood. They will be kissing at each other’s throat already. (Ava Gardner)

Lars von Trier

under the firmament from the water content in the name of everything written, drawn, and she has been. Therefore, the artists in emulation of each other, even in the open I don’t see the harm in playing. With his own style as long as you can certain.
have been written on the whole subject under the sun. Everything that is said in the end times, sort of archaeological study, i.e., invention rather than discovery. Which makes an artist so original, what is different with a mis get close to a window.

Trier, miri Steals property was stolen. Mystery received from Dreyer and Bergman.

received the mystical truth, the community and the women who are surrounded by suffering it took, etc.

Choice: ‘don’t die Expressionism’ Europa mastery so you can say format (91), definitely a masterpiece of cinema and credo Breaking the waves (96, scene of the burial), modern medicine and witchcraft side-by-side brought that creepy Serial Kingdom (94-97), Dancer in the dark (2000)

Andrzej wajda

feldmaresal Polish cinema. With the war trilogy deserves this title.

The National Association of Poland, the history of independence and pondered. Has tried to create a historical awareness. Did it all the time. Even holding a magnifying glass into the darkness of the guillotine of the French Revolution, Danton (83), named for a contemporary Polish film anachronisms that are very clear. The revolution in the movie boys eating downright polonyasi internal conflict of Lech Walesa.

had reached the brink of the 1990s. Wajda the Gramophone, still stealing pain accounting: Korczak (90), Schindler’s list in Poland.

Wajda, an individual i doesn’t jump. The erosion of the modern world, addresses the concerns increased. So much so that. Even when the depiction of said draw bireyledir socialism: the hero rising to the rank of the marble man Berkut memorable. (This is closer to him Pudovkin: the main woman in the movie)

Choice: ashes and diamonds (58), the birthplace of industrial capitalism, coal-black century, the strike and the front of the property overlooking obieca ziemia (75), Czlowiek z zelaza with the resistance of the dock workers (Iron Man, 81), and bureaucracy over a reporter/media, which aims to Stun without criticism (78). The reporter in the last movie, his private life turned upside down, with the man evokes kieslowski’s camera buff.

Luis Garcia Berlanga

ponente Franco’s Spain into a flashlight. A river through the mountains.

away in exile in the country, are grappling with censorship. However, the print media, the opposition creates. Spanish cinema re-the dawn of the ‘ 60s to express People’s emotions, Berlanga and Juan Antonio bardem had to wait for. Kind of Carlos saura before rehearsals.

Berlanga, ispnya germi of Pietro. It takes a lot of the countryside Fund. Criticize you happy, puts WPI traditions.

we see that the people of the village rely on the help of Marshall in a movie. That didn’t help will be disappointed. Americans for transit village is past. It isn’t like a brass band in US Selamsiz, water Sener, Even comedic.

Choice: bienvenido more details > Mister Marshall (53), El verdugo (1963)


Juan Antonio Bardem: Berlanga more serious and some have become politicized.

Choice: the death of a cyclist (1955)


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