The human body Golden ratio, or what ? What is the Golden ratio ? Dr. Naji Steel Op.

for centuries, eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips with each other is determined in compliance within the Golden ratio, The Golden ratio of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa populerlesere she described the beauty ideal until today. Today, we are able to get with our own human body Golden ratio app. Human body in summary, on the face of any application and describes the process of harmonisation with all the other limbs in practice while the theory is a mathematical operation becomes an art when we were poured into.

Kim is more beautiful, well-proportioned face ? Medical and aesthetic plastic surgery and other applications around this request, attempts to reveal the beauty and resolve defects.

view on our faces, especially general acclaim and we would like to have a proper understanding of our own aesthetic. A smaller nose, plump cheeks, it’s like you get nervous.

The concept of beauty is different in every culture, and beauty in general agreed with a measure that can be explained scientifically. Leonardo Da Vinci is a concept that has become popular with the Golden ratio, roughly the ratio of the largest to the smallest is expressed as. Face length and Face Width, Length of nose, lips and between the eyebrows, face / jaw tip and the place where the eyebrows meet, length of mouth / width of nose, width of nose / distance between nostrils,,

pupils and between the eyebrows.

In fact big shut the fuck up our noses, narrow our sunken cheeks and plastic surgery when you’re trying to find support, intentionally or unintentionally, we are working to get close to this ratio.

plastic surgery is now a single region in the human body and making it more scientific, instead of correcting him with the other regions, for example, when it comes to a rhinoplasty of the nose, chin, lips, cheeks, forehead and the eyebrows will make all compatible with each other and with the proportions of the guard move closer to the ideal ratio that will solutions. A practitioner of the method cosmetic plastic Surgeon and Reconstructive Surgery specialist Dr. naci Çelik, profiloplasty what it is, how it works and gave information about the expected results.

The human body is what?

The view from the side of the human body will be briefly described if the person aims to correct all of the processes that can be defined as. Of course, the main determining factor in Side View, nose, nose rhinoplasty and hence the corrective action. Unfortunately, many doctors and patients view the complaint in the facial because of the simplicity of the operation more of the cost to the patient due to the lack rhinoplasty patients have proposed.

this she had nose surgery, but still more of himself beautiful or handsome face and an increase in the number of patients who feel that non-artificial-looking noses, which has led to an increase of.

of course they want to get rhinoplasty done by patients who want these bad examples in their environment that they decided against having the operation.

the body of a human patient’s face and oblique side (side between posture against) the appearance of the units and to evaluate the effect on the appearance not only considers the angle between the rates.


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